The Secular And the Sacred Harmonized

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AuthorHouse, 1 sept. 2005 - 300 pagini
It is the result of years of extensive and painstaking research. Within its pages are shocking, yet convincing revelations that force readers to reconsider what has been established as truths about mankind's past and purpose on planet Earth. It harmonizes the Biblical account of Creation and the Theory of Evolution. It applies historical events to the events described in the Biblical book of Revelation. It proves that the earth gods of antiquity are the biblical fallen angels, or demons, today's "extraterrestrials." It is non-proselytizing and reader friendly, and all theories are supported by scientific data, historical facts, and holy texts. It answers the age-old questions of: "Who are we?" "Why are we here?" and, "Where are we going?"

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The Big Bang described by God to Enoch
Gods destructions mass extinctions of life on earth and His subsequent recreations
Chapter Two
The fallen angels are the extraterrestrials and the earth gods of mythology
theory as do many apocalyptic books it discusses the end of time on earth followed by the beginning of life forever
The astronomical significance of the pyramids
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