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75th Congress, 1st Session

(January 5-August 21, 1937)


VOL. 2





699. Second deficiency appropriation bill, 1937.

703. Cooperation in development of farm forestry in States and Territories.

704. To provide for term of district court at Benton, Ill.

705. Additional term of district court at Tallahassee, Fla.

706. Changing times for holding court in West Virginia.

709. To regulate interstate transportation and sale of natural gas.

723. Amendments of the House to neutrality act.

724. Services, etc., of Inland Waterways Corporation extended to Savannah River.

725. To increase minimum salary of deputy United States marshals.

726. Reserving lands in Utah for Koosharem band of Paiute Indians.

727. Reserving lands in Utah for Shivwitz band of Paiute Indians.

728. Reserving lands in Utah for Kanosh band of Paiute Indians.

729. Provide for census of red-cedar shingles.**

730. Appropriation for development of naval air base at Tongue Point, Oreg.

731. Establishment of naval air station on San Francisco Bay, Calif.

732. To amend bank-robbery statute to include burglary and larceny.

733. Authorizing admittance to United States of alien veterans of World War.

734. Naturalization of certain alien spouses of citizens of U. S., etc.

735. Interest rate on Federal land-bank and Land Bank Commissioner's loans.

743. Erection of pedestal for Albert Gallatin statute in Washington.

744. Modification in existing project for Illinois Waterway and Calumet River.

745. Acquisition of lands for addition to Yosemite National Park.

747. Amending peacetime service pension laws to include reserve officers.*

748. Appropriations for Treasury and Post Office departments, 1938.

749. Building for experiment station of Bureau of Mines, Salt Lake City, Utah.

750. Reclassification of salaries of watchmen and others in postal service.

751. Permitting further extension of Air Mail Service.

752. To dispense with need for Government insurance of valuables in shipment.

757. Making allowances to letter carriers in lieu of carfare.

758. Providing for stenographic grade in Railway Mail Service.

across Missouri River at Niobrara, Nebr.

771. Bridge across Snake River between Clarkston, Wash., and Lewiston, Idaho.
773. Establishment of Oliver Wendell Holmes Memorial Fund.

[blocks in formation]

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886. Appropriation for establishing national cemetery at Fort Bliss, Tex.

887. Participation in 7th World's Poultry Congress.

888. Admit Olmedo Alfaro, citizen of Ecuador, to Military Academy.

889. Additional appropriation for U. S. Constitution Sesquicentennial Comn.

$90. Secretary of War to lease Old Fort Niagara.

$92. Coinage of 50-cent pieces in commemoration of Battle of Antietam.

$93. Coinage of 50-cent pieces in commemoration of founding of Norfolk, Va.

$95. Acquisition of lands for Wind River irrigation project, Wyo.

$96. Publication and sale of historical material rel. to Northwest Territory.

$97. Erection of terminal marker for Jefferson Davis National Highway.

898. Extension of boundaries of Papago Reservation.

899. Use of mineral and water resources on Papago Reservation.

905. Bridge across Missouri River near Poplar, Mont.

906. Legalizing dike in Missouri River at Pierre, S. Dak.

07. Bridge across Wabash River near Lockport, Ind.

908. Bridge across Merrimack River at Lowell, Mass.

909. Continuation of Federal Surplus Commodities Corporation.

910. Admission to citizenship of aliens who came prior to Feb. 5, 1917.

911. Regulation of transportation of property and passengers by air carriers.

912. International Congress of Architects to be held in U. S. in 1939.

913. Certain U. S. commissioners to try petty offenses on Federal reservations.

914. Amending bankruptcy act rel. to corporate reorganizations.

915. Amend perishable agricultural commodities act, 1930, as amended.

916. Renewal of star-route contracts.

918. Establishment of term of district court at Malone, N. Y.

919. Accommodations for holding court at Columbia, Tenn.

920. Conveyance of Twin River Point lighthouse reservation to Wisconsin.

921. Establishment of Coast Guard station near Manistique, Mich.

922. Establishment of Coast Guard station near Menominee, Mich.

923. Establishment of Coast Guard station near Beaver Bay, Minn.

924. Establishment of Coast Guard station near St. Augustine, Fla.

925. Making further provision for salmon fisheries in Alaska.

926. Creating Joint Congressional Committee on Tax Evasion and Avoidance.

932. Providing for space in Federal buildings for employees' credit unions.

933. Payment to Sioux Indians of Pine Ridge Reservation.

934. Extension of certain oil and gas prospecting permits.

935. Extension of certain excise taxes and postage rates.

936. Extension of Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works.

937. Exchange of lands in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

938. Lands for national-park purposes within Mammoth Cave National Park, Ky.

939. Providing for residence of U. S. commissioners for national parks.

940. Amend act for exclusive jurisdiction by U. S. over Hawaii National Park.

941. Extend time for final proof by homestead and desert-land entrymen.

943. To establish Civilian Conservation Corps.

944. Amended petitions in suits of Indian nations, etc., in Court of Claims.

945. Safeguard welfare of apprentices.

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