H.R. ,̲̲̲̲ H.R. 3673, H.R. 4697, H.R. 4002, H.R. 4528, H. Con. Res. 348, H. Con. Res. 232, H. Con. Res. 297, H. Con. Res. 319, H. Res. 531, H. Con. Res. 322, and S. Con. Res. 81: Markup Before the Committee on International Relations, House of Representatives, One Hundred Sixth Congress, Second Session, June 29, 2000

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 2000 - 224 pagini
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Pagina 82 - A BILL To amend the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 and the Arms Export Control Act to authorize development and security assistance programs for fiscal years 1984 and 1985, and for other purposes.
Pagina 18 - ... to offer an amendment in the nature of a substitute, consisting of the text of a resolution described in paragraph...
Pagina 183 - Now, therefore, be it 1 Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate 2 concurring), That the Congress — 3 (1...
Pagina 101 - Committee on Ways and Means, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consideration of such provisions as fall within the jurisdiction of the committee concerned A BILL To provide funding for port security enhancements, and for other purposes.
Pagina 39 - All those in favor of the motion, say aye; those opposed, no. The ayes have it. The motion is agreed to. Further proceedings on this measure are postponed.
Pagina 58 - If not, all in favor, say aye. Opposed, no. The ayes have it and the motion is agreed to.
Pagina 186 - with deprivation of political rights for two years" for the crime of "illegally giving state information across the border"; Whereas the Urumqi Evening Paper of March 12 reported Rabiya Kadeer's case as follows: "The court investigated the following: The defendant Rabiya Kadeer, following the request of her husband, Sidik Haji, who has settled in America, indirectly bought a collection of the Kashgar Paper dated from 1995-1998, 27 months, and some copies of the Xinjiang Legal Paper and on 17 June...
Pagina 58 - no".] The noes appear to have it. The noes have it. The motion was to postpone voting until we have two more witnesses on this bill. Do you want to vote over? All in favor of the motion hold up their right hand. [Showing of hands.] All opposed. [Showing of hands.] The motion is lost. Now, I wonder if we could refresh our memory, Mr. Marcy. Are you prepared...
Pagina 45 - As many as are opposed will say no. The ayes appear to have it. The ayes do have it and the motion is agreed to.

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