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East Asiatic Company, The.

Egon Oldendorff Steamship Co.

Eikland & Salamis (I. M. Skaugen Shipowners).

El Al Israel Airlines.

Elder Dempster Lines, Inc.

Ellerman & Bucknall Steamship Co., Ltd.
Ellerman's Wilson Line.

Ernst Russ Reiderl.
Europe-Canada Line.

Farmand Shipping, Inc.

Fearnley & Eger, Inc.

Federal Motorship Corp.

Fjell Line.

Fredrik Hoyer, Skein, Norway. French Line.

Fruit Express Line.

Furness Withy & Co., Ltd. (including Fur-
ness Warren Line, Furness Red Cross
Line, Furness Prince Line).
Gestioni Esevcizio Navi.

Greek Line (General Steam Navigation
Company of Greece, Ltd.).

Grimaldi Siosa Lines of Canada.

Gdynia America Line, Inc.
Halcyon Lijn N.V.
Hamburg-Amerika Linie.

Linie G.m.b.H. (see

Home Lines Agency, Inc.). Hamburg Chicago Line (designation of a service operated by independent signatory lines A. Kirsten, Sartori & Berger and Ahrenkiel & Bene).

Hanseatische Reederei, Emil Offen & Co.
Head Line (see Ulster Steamship Co., Ltd.).
Heimdal Steamship Co., Ltd.
Heinrich Schmidt, G.m.b.H.
Holland-America Line.

Home Lines Agency, Inc., as agents for
Home Lines, Inc., National Hellenic
American Line, S.A., Achille Lauro Arma-
tore (Lauro Lines), and Hamburg-Atlantik
Linie G.m.b.H.

Hugo-Stinnes Zweigniederlassung, Brennstoffeisen und Schiffahrts Gesellschaft. Incres Steamship Co., Ltd.

Interocean Line.

Interocean Marine, Ltd.

Irish International Airlines.

Irish Shipping Ltd.

Island Navigation Co., Tokyo.

"Italia" Societa Di Navigazione (Italian


Johnson Line.

Johs, Fritzen & Sohn.

A. Kirsten.

A. F. Klaveness & Co., A/S.

Knutsen Line.

Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij N.V. (K.L.M. Royal Dutch Airlines). Lamport & Holt Line, Ltd.

J. Lauritzen Line.

Japan Air Lines Company, Ltd.

Lauro Lines (see Home Lines Agency, Inc.) Leif Hoegh & Co. A/S.

Lord Line (see Ulster Steamship Co., Ltd.).

Lovenskiold Og Hoyers Rederi (formerly Sameiet Fossum A/S).

Lufthansa German Airlines (see Deutsche
Lufthansa Aktiengesellschaft).
Lunham & Moore Shipping, Ltd.
Manchester Lines, Ltd.

Maritime Central Airways, Ltd.
Montship Lines, Ltd.

N. V. Maatschappij Zeevaart.

N. V. Stoomboot-Maatschappij "Hillegersberg".

National Hellenic American Line, S.A. (see Home Lines Agency, Inc.).

Netherland Line (Nederland).

Netherlands Ministry of Transport & Wa-
terstaat Directorate-General of Shipping.
Nihonkai Kisen Kabushiki Kaisha (Pacific
Ocean Line).

Nippon Yusen Kaisha (N.Y.K. Line).
Nissan Kisen Kaisha, Ltd.


Lloyd (North German

Nordstern Reederei G.m.b.H. and C. Mackprang, Jr.

Northwest Airlines, Inc.
Norwegian American Line.

The Oceanic Steamship Co. (Matson Navigation Co.).

Oranje Line (Maatschappij Zeetransport N.V.).

Orient Steam Navigation Co. (Orient & Pacific Lines or Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co.).

Osaka Shosen Kaisha, Ltd. (Williams,
Dimond & Co., authorized Agents).
Ove Skou.

Pacific Islands Transport Line.

Pacific Shipowners, Ltd.

Pacific Western Airlines.

Pan American World Airways System.
Pehrson & Wessel.
Port Line, Ltd.
Poseidon Lines.

Qantas Empire Airways, Ltd.
Rederiaktiebolaget Ragne.
Rodney Steamship Co., Ltd.

Royal Air Force Transport Command of the
British Air Ministry.

Royal Mail Lines, Ltd.

Royal Rotterdam Lloyd (Lloydmail).

Sabena Belgian World Airlines.

Sameiet Fossum A/S (Now Lovenskiold Og Hoyers Rederi).

Sartori & Berger.

Scandinavian Airlines System, Inc.

Schulte & Bruns.

Schinnihon Steamship Co., Ltd.

States Steamship Co.

Stoomvaart M. C. Oostzee, Directors: Vinke & Co.

Swedish American Line.

Swiss Air Transport Co., Ltd., Swissair.
Swiss (Suisse) Atlantic S.A.

Taiwan Navigation Company Ltd.
Transmaris, Ltd.

Ulster Steamship Co., Ltd., The (Head Line and Lord Line).

Union Steam Ship Co. of New Zealand, Ltd. United States Lines.

USSR-Aeroflot, The Ministry of Civil Aviation of the.

H. Vogemann.
Wallenius Line.

Watts, Watts & Co., Ltd.

Westfal-Larsen Line.

Wrangell, H. M., & Co.

YNGVAR HVISTENDAHL (Scandia Shipping Agencies, Ltd.). Zim-Israel America Lines.

Zim-Israel Navigation Co., Ltd.

(2) Bermuda. Currently effective agreements on Form I-421 (Rev. 6-2958) exist with the following transportation lines regarding arrivals in Bermuda pursuant to section 238(a) of the Act:

American Airlines, Inc.

British Overseas Airways Corp.
Guest Aerovias Mexico, S.A.

Iberia Airlines.

Linea Aeropostal Venezolana.

P & O Lines (North America) Inc.


Nassau. Currently effective agreements on Form I-421 (Rev. 6-2958) exist with the following transportation lines regarding arrivals in Nassau pursuant to section 238(a) of the Act:

British Overseas Airway Corporation
International Air Bahama.

[32 FR 9629, July 4, 1967, as amended at 32 FR 13755, Oct. 3, 1967; 33 FR 5255, Apr. 2, 1968; 33 FR 7485, May 21, 1968; 33 FR 10504, July 24, 1968; 33 FR 17136, Nov. 19, 1968; 34 FR 1008, Jan. 23 1969; 35 FR 7638, May 16, 1970; 36 FR 8294, May 4, 1971; 37 FR 3745, Feb. 19, 1972; 40 FR 50702, Oct. 31, 1975]

§ 238.3 Aliens in immediate and continuous transit.

(a) Form I-426 agreements. A transportation line bringing aliens to the United States pursuant to § 212.1(e)(1) of this chapter shall enter into an agreement on Form I-426. Such agreements shall be negotiated directly by the Central Office and the head offices of the transportation lines.

(b) Signatory lines. Currently effective agreements on Form I-426 exist with the following:

Achille Lauro-Armatore, Naples, Italy. Aerlinte Eireann Teoranta (Irish Air Lines). Aeroflot-Soviet Airlines.

Aerolineas Argentinas.

Aerolineas INI and CIA S.A.

[blocks in formation]

American Flyers Airline Corp.

American International Airways, Inc.

American President Lines, Ltd.

AREA, Aerovias Ecuatorianas C. Ltda.

"ARETUSA", Soc. di Navigazione p. A., Palermo.

Argonaut Airways Corp.

Arosa Line, Inc., "Panama."
Athina Maritime Co., Ltd.
Atlantic Freighters, Ltd.
Atlantic Oil Carriers, Ltd.

Atlantic Tankers, Ltd.
Atlantis Airlines, Ltd.
AUA Austrian Airlines.

Bahamas Airways, Ltd.
Balair AG.

Barber-Wilhelmsen Line, F.M.C. No. 7489 (Barber Steamship Lines, Inc., U.S.A. General Agents).

Blue Star Line, Inc., The.
Braniff Airways, Inc.

Brazalian International Airlines (Real-Aerovias Brazil, S.A.).

Britannia Airways Limited.

British Airways (British Airways Board).
British Car Carriers, Ltd., and Nerdrum

British Midland Airways, Ltd.
British United Airways, Ltd.

British West Indian Airways, Ltd.
Brodin Line.


Caledonian Airways (Prestwick), Ltd.
Canadian National Railway Co.
Canadian Pacific Air Lines, Ltd.

Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
Capitol Airways, Inc.

Caribbean Atlantic Airlines, Inc.
Cayman Airways, Ltd.

Ceskoslovenske Aerolinie (Czechoslovak Airlines) Chandris America Lines Inc., as general agents for: Okeania S.A. (Australis), Chandris America Lines S.A. (Amerikanis), Australian Line S.A. (Ellinis), and Themistocles Nav. S.A. (Queen Frederica). Chandris (USA) Inc., as agents for Chandris Lines.

Chandris (USA) Inc., as agents for Mariblanca Navegacion S.A. and Compania Panamena Europea Navegacion Ltda. S.A. China Airlines, Ltd.

China Merchants Steam Navigation Co., Ltd.

China Navigation Co. Ltd., The

China Union Lines, Ltd.

Compagnia Genovese di Armemento

Compagnie Generale Transatlantique (French Line).

Compagnie Nationale Air France.
Companhia Colonial de Navegacao.
Compania Cubana de Aviacion, S.A.

Compania Dominicana de Aviacion, C. por

Compania Mexicana de Aviacion, S.A. (CMA).

Companhia Nacional de Navegacao, S.A.R.L. Compania Nacional de Turismo Aereo Limitada.

Compania Transatlantica Espanola, S.A.
Condor Flugdienst GmbH.

Continental Air Lines, Inc.

Cunard Steamship Company, Ltd.

Daido Kaiun Kaisha, Ltd., (Daido Line).
Daiwa Navigation Co., Ltd., The.
Dan-Air Services, Ltd.

Delaware and Hudson Railroad Corp.
Delta Air Lines, Inc.

A. Demades & Owners-SS AXIOS

Den Norske Amerikalinje A/S (See Norwegian America Line). Ditlev-Simonsen Lines.

Dominion Far East Line (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Dominion Navigation Co., Ltd.

Donaldson International Airways.
Dorado Wings.

East African Airways.
Eastern Airlines, Inc.
El Al Israel Airlines.

"ELIOS", Soc. di Navigazione p. A., Paler


Ellerman's Wilson Line, Ltd.
Empresa Ecuatoriana de Aviacion.

Empresa de Transporte Aereo del Pero (Aero-Peru).

S.A. Empresa de Viacao Aerea Rio Grandense (Varig Airlines).

Empresa Guatemalteca de Aviacion.
Epirotiki Lines, Inc.

"Erice", Soc. di Navigazione p.A., Palermo.

[blocks in formation]

30-021 O 78-9

[22 FR 9791, Dec. 6, 1957; 22 FR 9519, Nov. 28, 1957, as amended at 37 FR 11470, June 8, 1972]

§ 235.9 Conditional entries.

(a) Countries in which applications may be filed. Pursuant to agreements entered into with the governments of the countries concerned, officers of the Service are authorized to accept applications and to examine the qualifications of applicants for conditional entry under section 203(a)(7) of the Act in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Lebanon and Spain. Applications for conditional entry may be filed only by aliens who are physically present within one of the designated countries.

(b) Applicants afflicted with tuberculosis, or applicants found inadmissible under section 212(a) (1) or (3). The provisions of section 212(g) of the Act shall apply to an applicant for conditional entry excludable from the United States under section 212(a)(6) because of affliction with tuberculosis or who is excludable under section 212(a) (1) or (3) of the Act, if the applicant has one of the family relationships specified in section 212(g), including the relationship specified to an alien whose conditional entry has been authorized.

(c) Application. A separate application for conditional entry under section 203(a)(7) of the Act shall be executed by each applicant on Form I590 except that, in the case of a family group, a separate Form I-590 need be executed only for those members of the family who are 18 years of age or older and a carbon or machine copy of the Form I-590 executed by the principal adult applicant may be submitted as the application for each accompanying child under 18 years of age listed on such principal's application. The Forms I-590 shall be submitted to the officer in charge of the nearest Service office outside the United States. Each application shall be accompanied by a properly executed and signed Form G-325C if the applicant has reached his 14th birthday. An application for conditional entry filed by an alien who can qualify as an immediate relative or as a special immigrant shall be rejected. An applicant who ap

pears to be eligible for classification under section 203(a) (1), (2), (3), (4), or (5) of the Act shall be advised, but not required to seek such classification if a visa number is available. An applicant for whom a nonpreference visa number is available and who is not coming to the United States to perform skilled or unskilled labor shall be advised but not required to apply for a nonpreference immigrant visa. Each applicant under this paragraph shall appear in person before an immigration officer and excepting a child under 14 years of age shall, prior to the adjudication of his application, be interrogated under oath concerning his eligibility for conditional entry into the United States. Conditional entry will not be authorized until a medical examination has been completed and until assurances of employment and housing in the United States for a period of 2 years on Form I-591 and assurances of transportation from the applicant's place of abode to point of final destination in the United States have been provided. The applicant shall be notified of the decision and, if the application is denied, of the reasons therefor. No appeal shall lie from the denial of an application by the officer in charge.

(d) Approved application. The approval of an application by an officer in charge outside the United States authorizes the district director at a port of entry to effect the conditional entry of the applicant upon arrival at such port within 4 months after the date of the approval. Upon arrival, every conditional entrant 14 years old or over shall execute Form I-592. For the purposes of section 203 (g) and (h) of the Act, the 2-year period shall commence on the date of the applicant's conditional entry into the United States.

(e) Inspection of conditional entrant as to admissibility for permanent residence. Two years subsequent to conditional entry in the United States, each conditional entrant shall be required to appear before an immigration officer. The conditional entrant, if over 14 years of age, shall be interrogated by an immigration officer under oath and a determination of admissibility shall be made in accordance with Parts 235

and 236 of this chapter. Except as provided in Parts 245 and 249 of this chapter, an application under this part shall be the sole method of requesting the exercise of discretion under section 212 (g), (h), or (i) of the Act, insofar as they relate to the excludability of an alien in the United States.

(f) Termination of conditional entrant status. Whenever a district director has reason to believe that a conditional entrant under section 203(a)(7), whose status has not otherwise been terminated or changed, is or has become inadmissible to the United States under any provision of section 212(a) of the Act (except section 212(a)(20)), he shall cause to be served upon the alien, in accordance with the provisions of § 235.6, Form I-122, Notice to Alien Detained for Hearing by a Special Inquiry Officer. The alien shall be referred for inquiry before a special inquiry officer in accordance with the provisions of sections 235, 236, and 237 of the Act and of this chapter. The special inquiry officer, if he determines that the alien is not inadmissible to the United States or, if de inadmissible, that the alien is prima facie eligible for a waiver of the grounds of excludability pursuant to O sections 212 (g), (h), or (i) of the Act, shall order the proceedings terminated The and shall refer the matter to the disoff trict director for further proceedings Sin accordance with section 203(g) of the Act. Such order shall be without it prejudice to reinstitution of proceedings or institution of new proceedings under this section. No appeal shall lie from a decision of a district director denying an application for a waiver under section 212 (g), (h), or (i) of the Act, but such denial shall be without prejudice to the renewal of the application in the course of proceedings before a special inquiry officer. The special inquiry officer, if he determines that the alien is inadmissible to the United States for permanent residence under any provision of the Act except section 212(a)(20) and that the alien is not entitled to the benefits of sections 212 (g), (h), or (i) of the Act, 1 shall order the termination of the alien's conditional entry and shall make such further order as may be proper. From the decision of the spe

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cial inquiry officer an appeal shall lie in accordance with the provisions of § 236.5 of this chapter.

[30 FR 14777, Nov. 30, 1965, as amended at 31 FR 5118, Mar. 30, 1966; 31 FR 16125, Dec. 16, 1966, 32 FR 9628, July 4, 1967; 33 FR 10504, July 24, 1968; 33 FR 17136, Nov. 19, 1968; 35 FR 17322, Nov. 11, 1970; 42 FR 36449, July 15, 1977]

§ 235.10 U.S. Citizen Identification Card.

(a) General. Solely as a convenience to facilitate identification in the United States by immigration officers and entry over land borders from foreign contiguous territory, a citizen who is physically present in the United States may apply for a U.S. Citizen Identification Card, Form I197, to the Service office having jurisdiction over the place where he is present. Possession of the card shall not be mandatory for any purpose. A U.S. citizen identification card is and never ceases to be the property of the United States.

(b) Eligibility. No United States citizen shall be eligible for an identification card unless he is physically present in the United States at the time of application therefor and at the time of issuance of the card and, if other than a nativeborn citizen, has been issued a certificate of naturalization or citizenship.

(c) Application. An application for an identification card shall be made on Form I-196, accompanied by the fee required under § 103.7 of this chapter and one photograph 11⁄2 inches by 11⁄2 inches, and evidence of his birth in the United States or, in the case of a United States citizen who was not born in the United States, a certificate of naturalization or citizenship. The applicant, when notified to do so, and his parent or guardian, if one is acting in his behalf, shall appear in person before an immigration officer in the United States for examination under oath or affirmation upon the application.

(d) Denial of application. If the decision of the district director is that the application shall be denied, notification thereof and the reasons therefor shall be furnished the applicant. No appeal shall lie from the denial of an application by the district director.

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