Streams of Living Water: A Daily Guide to Devotional Meditation on God's Word

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AuthorHouse, 27 mar. 2007 - 272 pagini
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One of the Bible’s most beautiful metaphors is found in Psalm 1. It tells us that the Word of God is, for a Christian, what a stream of water is for a tree. He who delights daily in God's Word is like a tree planted by streams of water. He is alive and growing and will produce fruit for God's Kingdom. It is the purpose of these Bible Meditations to point the way to a greater appreciation of God's Word and the value of absorbing its life-giving truth.


      This book of meditations, initiated by missionary Bible teacher, Dr. F. Burleigh Willard, and completed in conjunction with his daughter, Celia Willard Milslagle, offers a variety of unique features. Burleigh’s in-depth Bible information, eye-witness descriptions of the geography of the Holy Land, portrayal of Christian practices of the past and present, experiences as a missionary, and other illustrations and stories are unforgettably illuminating. Celia’s sometimes-poetic style, probing questions, contemporary analogies, and inspiring real-life narratives reveal the relevance and beauty of Bible passages. The hope of both authors is to cause the truth revealed in the Bible to flow like streams of living water into the heart of each reader.


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