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sayings about the youxń of man, seem not to warrant the confidence x that he regarded resurrection as coextensive with mankind. The

» X nature of the resurrection life he asserted to be “as angels in heaven." Not only do the statements of Jesus about the resurrection take no account apparently of others than the righteous, but the fate of unrighteous in the life after death seems nowhere depicted by Jesus. Such passages as sketch the future destiny of the wicked seem clearly assignable to others than Jesus, seem to be the product of certain eschatological notions of the age of Jesus. Even the future of the righteous is stated only in the most general terms, and without localization. That which Jesus affirmed with confidence was that those who deny the fact of resurrection “know not the scriptures nor the power of God.”




THE CONTENT OF DOCUMENT M Within the four major sources of gospels MT and LK, that is, the documents MK, G, P, and M, as restored by Professor Burton in his monograph on Some Principles of Literary Criticism and Their Application to the Synoptic Problem, there are contained all of the synoptic sayings of Jesus, except certain of them that belong either to the postresurrection report of gospel MT, or to the passion and post-resurrection record of gospel LK. In the reconstruction of these documents Professor Burton has assigned to document M all those sayings in gospel MT which are not accounted for by the documents which 7 Matthew and Luke had in common, that is, by documents MK, G, and P. This results in the crediting to document M of a number of brief, isolated utterances which are peculiar to gospel MT. In the restoration of document M set forth on the sheets accompanying the present work, these detached sayings were not included, it being the conviction of the present writer that they belong, at least for the most part, to certain other sources of gospel MT. The document M as there restored is made up of a discourse, M&$1-14, a group of parables, M $$15-25, the judgment scene, Ms26, and a second discourse,

M $27

In the course of preceding studies, there has been brought under consideration a large number of these minor sayings assigned to document M. Their nature has been examined, and their probable source suggested. They may be profitably reviewed in connection with those of document M which, because they do not contain teaching on the future, have not been studied previously. The judgment on those that have been considered may be either confirmed or corrected, in part, by the outcome of the examination of these isolated sayings as a whole. The problem to be solved is whether document M did actually contain these detached sayings. Or did they come from some sources other than documents? They may be set down in the order in which they occur in gospel MT.

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