The Marriage Application: Part One

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XULON Press, 2006 - 168 pagini
Tina Clarkson states that the vision for this book was placed on her heart when she was ministering to high school students who lived in her neighborhood in Laurel, Maryland. Holding Bible study classes in their basement along with her daughter, Veronica, they sought fun and innovative ways to hold Bible study and introduce the teens to Christ. "Society places an emphasis on preparing for many milestones in your life, but neglects the importance of setting the right path to have a successful marriage," says the author. "I feel that we fail our children by not being the role models we should be in our homes and in our marriages". Knowing the power that teens have in making their own choices and directing their paths, the book focuses on what you need to know before you date and before you consider a marriage partner. The author gives many thanks to her daughter and her close friends, Marcus Noel and Drew Stewart, for providing feedback and criticism from a young adult point of view.

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