Doubles and Quits, Volumul 2

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W. Blackwood and Sons, 1869 - 294 pagini

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Pagina 243 - Too late ; the chance was thine, but now 'tis mine — the roses all are dead." Through the livelong night this infernal jingle held possession of my fevered brain. Now and then I woke up, and, as if to exorcise the demon suggesting the evil refrain, roared out, " To-morrow the die shall be cast." In vain — back it came, spoken now by Burridge, now by Badger, now by Lady Rose. It was set to music at last, and Tom Finney and Bill Whytock sung it over a pot-house table, to the air of the
Pagina 25 - I would rrr-rend him limb from limb,' and he rolled his eyes and gnashed his teeth like an ogre. ' Would you 'i ' said I, stepping out. ' Well, here I am — rend away!' Wasn't the Jew taken aback ! You should have seen his face. Then I took him by the scruff of the neck and kicked him up and down the room, and then I got a cutting whip and let into him till he bellowed like a mad bull, and I took the butt and crashed into his head and face with it, and bundled him to the window when I was tired...
Pagina 70 - The pay of a captain, a heavily-mulcted £200 a-year, and £300 a-year of my own in the Funds — it was a case of very simple addition; and this was all I had, and all I could ever calculate upon as a certainty. That was bad; it was desperately bad. The failure of the " three-hundred-a-year marriages," so much talked of once, has no doubt been painfully demonstrated long ago.
Pagina 148 - Major, who was to command us, and who had gone on a month's leave, joined the detachment, he hoped I would " stick very close " to it, especially as the other officers were very young. To ask for leave was therefore impossible, and there was nothing for it but to await the Major's arrival with what patience I might command. The idea of proposing to Lady Rose by letter occurred to me once or twice in my most desperate moments, but I discarded it ; there was an ill-omened smack of the sneaking and...

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