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(A) the depreciated replacement cost, or the repair cost, whichever cost is less, of the fishing vessel or the fishing gear concerned; and

(B) 25 percent of any resulting economic loss. Any amount determined pursuant to subparagraph (A) or (B) shall be reduced to the extent that evidence indicates that negligence by the vessel owner or operator contributed to the cause or the extent of the damage, loss, or destruction and shall be further reduced by the amount of compensation, if any, that the vessel owner or operator has received or will receive with respect to the damage, loss, destruction, or resulting economic loss through insurance, pursuant to any other provision of law, or otherwise.

(3) The initial determination made by the Secretary under paragraph (1) with respect to any application shall

(A) if the application is disapproved, set forth the reasons therefore; or

(B) if the application is approved, set forth the amount of compensation to which the applicant is entitled and the basis on which such amount was determined.

(4) Any vessel owner who is aggrieved by any decision of the Secretary contained in the initial determination of the Secretary regarding such owner's application may, within thirty days after the date of issue of the initial determination, petition the Secretary for a review of the decision. If petition for review is not made to the Secretary within such thirty-day period regarding the initial determination, the initial determination shall be deemed to be the final determination on the application. Before undertaking any such review, the Secretary shall provide to the vessel owner opportunity to submit additional written or oral evidence relating to the decision. After review the Secretary shall issue a final determination with respect to the application.

(5) Îf compensation is awarded under the final determination on any application, the Secretary shall promptly pay from the fund to such owner the amount of compensation stated in the final determination. Upon the acceptance of such payment by the vessel owner, the United States shall be subrogated to all rights of the vessel owner with respect to which the payment is made.

(e) In addition to any fee imposed under section 204(b)(10) of the Fishery Conservation and Management Act of 1976 1 (16 U.S.C. 1824(b)(10) 2 with respect to any foreign fishing vessel for any year after 1978, the Secretary shall impose a surcharge in an amount not to exceed 20 percent of the amount of the fee imposed under such section for such year. The failure to pay any surcharge imposed under this subsection with respect to any foreign fishing vessel shall be treated by the Secretary as a failure to pay the fee for such vessel under such section 204(b)(10).

(f)(1) There is established in the Treasury of the United States the Fishing Vessel and Gear Damage Compensation Fund. The fund shall be available without fiscal year limitation as a revolving fund for the purposes of administering, and paying compensation awarded under, this section.

1 See footnote 2 to first section. 2 The code cite should have a closing parenthesis after (10).

(2) The fund shall consist of

(A) all sums recovered by the United States in the exercise of rights subrogated to it under subsection (d)(5);

(B) all administrative fees collected under subsection (c)(2); (C) all surcharges collected under subsection (e);

(D) revenues received from deposits or investments made under the last sentence of this paragraph; and

(E) any revenue acquired through the issuance of obligations under paragraph (3). Sums may be expended from the fund only to such extent and in such amounts as are provided in advance in appropriation Acts. Sums in the fund which are not currently needed for the purpose of paying such awards shall be kept on deposit or invested in obligations of, or guaranteed by, the United States.

(3) Whenever the amount in the fund is not sufficient to pay compensation under this section, the Secretary may issue, in an amount not to exceed $5,000,000, notes or other obligations to the Secretary of the Treasury, in such forms and denominations, bearing such maturities, and subject to such terms and conditions as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe. Such notices 1 or other obligations shall bear interest at a rate to be determined by the Secretary of the Treasury of the basis of the current average market yield on outstanding marketable obligations of the United States of comparable maturities during the month preceding the issuance of such notices 1 or other obligations. Moneys obtained by the Secretary under this paragraph shall be deposited in the fund and redemptions of any such notices 1 or other obligations shall be made from the fund. The Secretary of the Treasury shall purchase any such notes or other obligations, and for such purpose he may use as a public debt transaction the proceeds from the sale of any securities issued under the Second Liberty Bond Act. The Secretary of the Treasury may sell any such notices 1 or other obligations at such times and prices and upon such terms and conditions as he shall determine. All purchases, redemptions, and sales of such notes or other obligations by the Secretary of the Treasury shall be treated as public debt transactions of the United States. All borrowing authority contained herein shall be effective only to such extent or in such amounts as are provided in advance in appropriation Acts.

(g) Any person who willfully makes any false or misleading statement or representation for the purpose of obtaining compensation under this section is guilty of a criminal offense and, upon conviction thereof, shall be punished by a fine of not more than $25,000, or by imprisonment for not more than one year, or both.

SEC. 11. (22 U.S.C. 1980a] (a) In any case on or after June 15, 1994, in which a vessel of the United States exercising its right of passage is charged a fee by the government of a foreign country to engage in transit passage between points in the United States (including a point in the exclusive economic zone or in an area over which jurisdiction is in dispute), and such fee is regarded by the United States as being inconsistent with international law, the Secretary of State shall, subject to the availability of appropriated funds, reimburse the vessel owner for the amount of any such fee paid under protest.

1 So in original. Probably should be “notes”.

(b) In seeking such reimbursement, the vessel owner shall provide, together with such other information as the Secretary of State may require

(1) a copy of the receipt for payment;

(2) an affidavit attesting that the owner or the owner's agent paid the fee under protest; and

(3) a copy of the vessel's certificate of documentation. (c) Requests for reimbursement shall be made to the Secretary of State within 120 days after the date of payment of the fee, or within 90 days after the date of enactment of this section, whichever is later.

(d) Such funds as may be necessary to meet the requirements of this section may be made available from the unobligated balance of previously appropriated funds remaining in the Fishermen's Protective Fund established under section 9. To the extent that requests for reimbursement under this section exceed such funds, there are authorized to be appropriated such sums as may be needed for reimbursements authorized under subsection (a), which shall be deposited in the Fishermen's Protective Fund established under section 9.

(e) The Secretary of State shall take such action as the Secretary deems appropriate to make and collect claims against the foreign country imposing such fee for any amounts reimbursed under this section.

(f) For purposes of this section, the term "owner" includes any charterer of a vessel of the United States.

SEC. 12. (22 U.S.C. 1980b] (a) If the Secretary of State finds that the government of any nation imposes conditions on the operation or transit of United States fishing vessels which the United States regards as being inconsistent with international law or an international agreement, the Secretary of State shall certify that fact to the President.

(b) Upon receipt of a certification under subsection (a), the President shall direct the heads of Federal agencies to impose similar conditions on the operation or transit of fishing vessels registered under the laws of the nation which has imposed conditions on United States fishing vessels.

(c) For the purposes of this section, the term "fishing vessel” has the meaning given that term in section 2101(11a) of title 46, United States Code.

(d) It is the sense of the Congress that any action taken by any Federal agency under subsection (b) should be commensurate with any conditions certified by the Secretary of State under subsection (a).



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