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261. SELF-LOVE. Love thyself last.

262. FORGIVENESS. Cherish those hearts that hate thee.

263. HONESTY. Corruption wins not inore than honesty.

264. PLACABILITY. Still in thy right hand carry gentle peace.

265. JUSTICE, Be just, and fear not *.

266, Let all the ends thou aim'st at be thy country's, Thy God's, and truth's;—then if thou fall'st, Thou fall'st a blessed martyr. 267. HONOURS,

Coronets are stars; And sometimes falling ones.

268. REMEMBRANCE, Men's evil manners live in brass; their virtues We write in water, 269. COMFORT.

Comfort, that comes too late, Is like a pardon after execution,

Affairs, that walk at midnight, have in them
A wilder nature, than the business
That seeks dispatch by day.

A good man's truth and his integrity
Is rooted in the heart of a just Friend,
* The motto of the late Lifford, suggested by my Father,


Not always
The justice and the truth of the question carries
The due of the verdict with it.

With too much ease
Corrupt minds can procure kņayes as corrupt
To swear against the bes
274. ENVY,

Men, that make
Envy, and crooked malice, nourishment,
Dare bite the best.

# Be but a private man
Many shall dare accuse you boldly.

Love and meekness Become a churchman better than ambition.

277. CHARITY, Win straying souls with modesty again; Cast none away. 278. AFFECTATION.

§ Painted gloss discovers, To men that understand it, words and weakness,

279. ADVERSITY-INSULT NOT, 'Tis cruelty to load a falling man,

280. FLATTERY. Flattery is too thin and base To hide offence. 281. MUTINY,

Obedience is a slave To cach incensed will,

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KING JOHN. 282. WAR MIGHT BE EASILY PREVENTED. Wars might have been prevented, (Peace made With very easy arguments of love ; whole). Which once commenc'd, two mighty Nations must With fearful bloody issue arbitrate. 283. JUDGMENT BY SUCCESS VICIOUS.

With those
Who judge by merely the event of things
Near or far off, well won is still well shot,
And have is have, however men do catch.

284. DECEIT-IT'S ARTS SHOULD BE KNOWN. Arts which men will not practise to deceive, Yet to avoid deceit 'tis meet to know,

285. VIGILANCE. By how much unexpected, by so much We must awake endeavour for defence,

236. The hare can pluck dead lions by the beard.

287. FEAR. Who dares not stir by day, must walk by night.

288. HONOURS NEW. New-made honour doth forget men's names.

289. PARTIALITY VICIOUS. Some sins do bear their privilege on earth.

290. WAR, JUST. $The peace of Heaven is their's that lift their swords Only in just and charitable war. 291. WAR, UNJUST.

We shall repent each drop of blood, That hot rash haste doth indirectly shed.

292. COURAGE. Courage mounteth with occasion.

293. CONFLICT EQUAL. [swered blows; # Blood hath bought blood, and blows have anStrength match'd with strength, and power con.

fronted power,

294. VIRTUE SUPREMELY AMIABLE. o Zealous love should go in search of virtue.

295. SELFISHNESS. Commodity, the bias of the World; The world which of itself, is poised well, Made to run even, upon even ground; 'Tis this advantage, this vile drawing bias, This

sway of motion, this commodity, Makes Life take head from all indifferency, From all direction, purpose, course, intent.

296. SELFISHNESS OF PRINCES. $ Kings break faith upon commodity. 297. NEWS ILL.

Harm in itself so heinous is, As it makes harmful all that speak of it.

FEAR. 298. SICKNESS-FEARFUL. Sickness is very capable of fears.

299. OPPRESSION CREATES FEAR, Who have been long oppresst are full of fears.

300. WOMAN NATURALLY FEARFUL. Woman is naturally born to fears,

301. WIDOWHOOD SUBJECT TO FEAR, A widow's state is subject inuch to fears,

302, COUNTERFEITS. Whate'er is counterfeit, being touch'd and tried Proves valueless.

303. ADVERSITY SHOULD NOT MAKE ABJECT. * Instruct thy sorrows to be proud.

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That which thou dost swear to do amiss
Is yet amiss when it is truly done.
And being not done, where doing tends to ill,
The truth is then best done not doing it.

305. OATHS-THEIR FAITH RELIGIOUS. It is Religion that doth make vows kept..

Who swears, swears only not to be forsworn ;-
Else, what a mockery should it be to swear!

A better conquest never can man make
Than arm his constant and his nobler parts
Against a giddy loose suggestion.

+ A mind well staid in all events can say
Courage and comfort;--all shall yet go well.

309. DEATH TERRIBLE TO PROSPERITY. Death is the bate and terror of prosperity. 310. COMFORT.

To the loss of others
Men better comfort give than to their own.

We shall see and know our friends in Heaven.

312. LIFE TEDIOUS WHEN MIS-EMPLOYED. Life is as tedious as a twice-told tale, Vexing the dull ear of a drowsy man.

313. CRISIS OF A DISEASE VIOLENT. Before the curing of a strong disease, Even in the instant of repair and health, The fit is strongest. 314. EFFECT GREAT FROM LITTLE CAUSES.

A little snow, tumbled about, Anon becomes a mountain,

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