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most unjust knave; I will no more trust him when he leers, than I will a serpent when he hisses : he will spend his mouth, and promise, like Brabler the hound; but when he performs, astronomers foretell it; it is prodigious, there will come some change; the sun borrows of the moon, when Diomed keeps his word. I will rather leave to see Hector, than not to dog him: they say, he keeps a Trojan drab, and uses the traitor Calchas' tent: I'll after. Nothing but lechery! all incontinent varlets!



The Same. Before Calchas' Tent.


Dio. What are you up here, ho? speak.
Cal. [Within.] Who calls ?

Dio. Diomed.-Calchas, I think.—Where's your daughter?

Cal. [IVithin.] She comes to you. Enter Troilus and Ulysses, at a distance; after


Ulyss. Stand where the torch may not discover us.

Enter CRESSIDA. Tro. Cressid come forth to him! Dio.

How now, my charge?

with you.

Cres. Now, my sweet guardian!-Hark! a word

[Whispers. Tro. Yea, so familiar ! Ulyss. She will sing any man at first sight.

Ther. And any man may sing her, if he can take her cliff'; she's noted.

Dio. Will you remember?

Remember? yes.

Nay, but do then; And let your mind be coupled with your

Tro. What should she remember?
Ulyss. List!
Cres. Sweet honey Greek, tempt me no more to

Ther. Roguery!
Dio. Nay, then,-

I'll tell you what:-
Dio. Pho! pho! come, tell a pin: You are for-

Sworn.Cres. In faith, I cannot: What would you have me

do? Ther. A juggling trick, to be-secretly open. Dio. What did you swear you would bestow on

me ?

Cres. I pr’ythee, do not hold me to mine oath;
Bid me do any thing but that, sweet Greek.

Dio. Good night.

Hold, patience!

How row, Trojan


Diomed, Dio. No, no, good night: I'll be your fool no more. Tro. Thy better must. Cres.

Hark, one word in your ear.
Tru. O plague and madness!
Ulyss. You are mov'd, prince; let us depart, I

pray you,
Lest your displeasure should enlarge itself
To wrathful terms: this place is dangerous ;
The time right deadly; I beseech you, go.

Tro. Behold, I pray you !

Now, my good lord, go off: You flow to great destruction; come, my lord.

Tro. I pr’ythee, stay.

You have not patience ; come. Tro. I pray you, stay ; by hell, and all hell's tore

I will not speak a word.

And so, good night.
Cres. Nay, but you part in anger.

Doth that grieve thee?
O wither'd truth !

Why, how now, lord ? Tro.

By Jove, I will be patient. Cres.

Guardian !-why, Greek! Dio. Pho, pho! adieu ; you palter. Cres. In faith, I do not; come hither once again. Ulyss. You shake, my lord, at something; will

you go? You will break out.


She strokes his cheek!

Come, come.
Tro. Nay, stay ; by Jove, I will not speak a word:
There is between my will and all offences
A guard of patience :-stay a little while.

Ther. How the devil luxury, with his fat rump, and potatoe finger, tickles these together! Fry, lechery, fry!

Dio. But will you then ?
Cres. In faith, I will, la ; never trust me else.
Dio. Give me some token for the surety of it.
Cres. I'll fetch you one.

Ulyss. You have sworn patience.

Fear me not, my lord;
I will not be myself, nor have cognition
Of what I feel ; I am all patience.

Re-enter CRESSIDA.
Ther. Now the pledge; now, now, now!
Cres. Here, Diomed, keep this sleevel.
Tro. O beauty! Where's thy faith?

My lord, -
Tro. I will be patient; outwardly I will.

Cres. You look upon that sleeve ; Behold it well. — He lov'd me-O false wench !-Give't me again.

Dio. Whose was't?

No matter, now I have't again.
I will not meet with you to-morrow night :
I pr’ythee, Diomed, visit me no more.

Ther. Now she sharpens ;–Well said, whetstone.
Dio. I shall have it.

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