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Or, A Practical



Believer's Life,

Derived from CHRIST,


Refolved into CHRIST.
Being the Substance of several


Preach'd by the Author upon his Recovery of
a Fit of Sickness, and fince extorted from
him by the Importunity of Friends.

By the late Revd Mr. JOHN GAMMON.


Corrected and Recommended by feveral Divines.

Col. iii. 4. When Chrift, who is our Life, fhall appear,
then fhall ye alfo appear with him in Glory. Gal. ii. 20.
Rom. iv. 8.


Printed by T. R. in the Year



The Epiftle Dedicatory.

To the little Flock of Christ, over whom the Holy Ghoft bath made me Overfeer.

The Father of Mercies, and God of all Grace, who bath called you to his Eternal Glory by Christ Jefus, make you perfect, ftablish, strengthen, fettle you, and make known to you that Mystery, which from the beginning of the World hath been hid in God, who created all by Jefus Chrift.


Beloved in the Lord,

Have in fome Measure been acquainted with the longing Defire of most of you to have thefe Sermons published, by whofe Importunity I have been prevailed with to Print them, againft many Struglings, and much Unwillingnefs in myself to go forwards with the Work; for fome of you well know how much I was fet against the Printing of them, and that for feveral Reasons.

First, Knowing that there are plenty of good Books, the Works of worthy learned Men, extant: That there was no need of my unworthy Labours. Secondly, Knowing how little the best of Books are valued by moft. Thirdly, Knowing the Scorn and Contempt not only of prophane and wicked Perfons, but many that profefs a great Zeal for God, who contemn thofe principal GofpelTruths, Juftification by Chrift alone: But if Perfons were truly wakened, they would be of the Mind

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