Barbara Bush: Matriarch of a Dynasty

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Macmillan, 15 dec. 2003 - 272 pagini
Few First Ladies matched Barbara Bush's remarkable popularity. Even her husband's detractors often spoke glowingly of the "Silver Fox," whose warmth and generosity have won her friends and admirers across the country. Pamela Kilian, a reporter for Scripps Howard News Service, has known George and Barbara Bush for over twenty years. Here, she paints an unforgettable portrait of the woman who quietly became an American icon.

Her dark side: She occasionally uses her sharp wit to skewer critics, particularly anyone who has maligned her husband or children.

Her eccentricities: She hated being called "First Lady," cringed at the idea of being more popular than her husband, and is closer to her husband's family than her own.

Her tragedies: The death from leukemia of Robin Bush at age three turned Barbara's hair white, and she suffered heavily when son Neil was under fire in the savings and loan scandal. The attacks on her son, George W. Bush's character in the 2000 presidential campaign, and the ensuing months of debate after the election tore at her heart.

Her philosophy: Make the most of life and don't complain. If it's at all possible, do what your husband asks of you.

Pamela Kilian tells Barbara's life story, from her protected childhood, to her early marriage and motherhood, to her adventures as a young wife, to her journey to the White House and beyond. She includes Barbara's feelings about George W. Bush's Texas governorship, Jeb Bush's Florida governorship, and George W.'s later presidential election. This riveting and well-respected biography gives a new perspective on the woman who was married to one President, and gave birth to our current President.

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BARBARA BUSH: Matriarch of a Dynasty

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A celebratory biography of "one of the most popular first ladies of the twentieth century." So Scripps Howard News Service editor Kilian characterizes Barbara Bush, who by virtue of having married one ... Citiți recenzia completă

Barbara Bush: matriach of a dynasty

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Having known the Bushes for over 20 years, journalist Kilian is well prepared to tell Barbara Bush's story. Citiți recenzia completă


An American Icon
Rye Beginnings
Love at First Sight
The Bush Children
Political Wife
Second Lady
The Big Prize
Setting a Good Example
The Gulf War
After the War
The 92 Campaign
After the White House
The Election of 2000
A Legacy Fulfilled

Moving In
A Defining Speech

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Pamela Kilian, the author of What Was Watergate? (SMP 1990) is a journalist and news editor for Scripps Howard News Service. Originally from Chicago, she lives in McLean, Virginia.

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