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Third Part of 19. MADRIGAL for Five Voices. Yet if that age had frosted ore his head,

Or if his face had furrowed beene with yeeres,
I would not thus bemone that hee is dead

I might have beene more niggard of my teares.
But 0 the sunne new rose is gone to bed,
And lillies in their spring-time hang their head.

20. MADRIGAL for Five Voices. Trust not too much, faire youth, unto thy feature,

Be not enamored of thy blushing hew;
Be gamesome whilst thou art a goodly creature,

The flowers will fade that in thy garden grew.
Sweet violets are gathered in their spring,
White prim it fals without en pittying.


There is no doubt that Syr Christopher Hatlon, Knight of the Honourable Order of the Bath, wrote the Words of the above Twenty Madrigals, according to the Preface of the Work.

See Dr. Boyce. an Account of Sir Christopher Hatton, Abbey Guide ; also a very curious Monument of him. Hatton Garden was named after him.

Orlando Gibbons was Organist of King's College Chapel, Cambridge, and of the Chapels Royal of King James the First, in 1604: Batchelor in Music at Cambridge, 1606. He died at Canterbury, of the small pox, on Whit-Sunday, (which was on the 5th of June) 1625.


ERRATA. In the Glee, “ Are the white hours for ever fled," Page 5, in the second line, for make read mark.

In the Glee, “ Arise ye winds," in the 9th line, for Cruel, ah! how he swore, read Cruel, ah ! cruel how he swore-and in the 11th and 12th lines, for

Next to the powers divine,
But see, O God of love ! men's treachery:

Next to the powers divine but see,

O God of love ! men's treachery :
The Madrigal, “O sing unto my roundelaie,” is the Composition of
Mr. Samuel Wesley, and not of Mr. Webbe, to whom it is given by
mistake, in Page 228.

“ Come live with me and be my love," the Poetry was written by Christopher Marlow, and not by Wm. Shakspeare, see Page 45.

“ If love and all the world were young," the Poetry was written by Sir Walter Raleigh, (but they were published by Bell, under the name of Shakspeare, in a work of his Poems :) See England's HELICON.

“What shaft of fate,” Page 372, by Mr.S. Wesley, has been inserted by mistake as a Glee for Four Voices, but it is a Song by thát Gentleinan, with a Piano-forte Accompaniment.



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