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HOV art here prefented with an A bridgment of fome Catechetical Exercifes, deliver'd in a Country Congregation; and therefore futed to the Capacity of the meanest Understanding. Some that have been either pieas'd with, or profited by them, would fain perfuade themfelves, that others might receive the fame Benefit and Satisfaction, if they were made more publick. This hath difpos'd the Author, who is unwilling to decline any thing for the Service of his Church and Country, to venture them abroad and try the Ex-\ periment: If they shall be found any wife ufeful, either to the informing the Judgment, or exciting the Affections, or helping any forward in their Chriftian Courfe, he has all that he aims at, and will reft abundantly fatisfy'd in the Success of his Adventure. And accordingly the First Part being found, in the Judgment of the World, useful and ferviceable to thofe Ends, I have gone for ward to all the other Parts of the Catechifm in the fame Method: And being now compleat, I humbly fubmit all to the Wisdom and Authority of my Superiors, and to the candid and favour


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able Conftruction of all judicious and impartial Readers:

What doleful Evils have proceeded from the Lack of Catechifing, our prefent Age is an unhappy Inftance; in which many being bred up in the Times of the Civil War, and more in the Confufions that have thereby happen'd fince, have, thro' the fad neglect of this great Duty, been depriv'd of the Benefit of early and well-grounded Inftructions; and thereby loft thofe Principles of Religion and Virtue, which, if imbib'd fooner, might have continu'd longer with them, and made them more freddy in their Duty both to God and Man.

'Tis much to be fear'd, that the many difmal Evils that have enfied from this Neglect, are hardly to be cur'd in the prefent Age; which, for want of being well-principled in the beginning, is too much over-run with Atheism, and all manner of Impiety.

All our Hopes must be in the next Generation, by well-training up those that are to live to it that is, by laying a good Foundation in the Minds of Children and Youth, and feafoning their tender Tears with more lafting Principles of Religion and Virtue.

Long accuftom'd and habituated Sinners, like overgrown Oaks, are sturdy and inflexible: Whereas Children and Youth, like tender Twigs, are more pliable, may be bent any way, and are capable of any Impreffions. This fhould teach all Parents, as they tender the Welfare of their Children, above all things to take care of their timely and pious Education.

Mafters likewife, Tutors, Guardians, and all others that have the over fight of Youth, should build

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upon this Foundation; using their best Endeavours to plant in them the Principles of Religion, and to for the Seeds of Virtue betimes in their Hearts, that they may the better grow up to the Service of God and their Country.

Moreover, all faithful Paftors are not only to regard their whole Flock, but more especially, to feed the Lambs, which Chrift, the Great Shep-. herd of the Sheep, hath made the greatest Mark of their Love, both to him and them: and therefore the Apoftle wills them, as to have strong Meats for well-grown Chriftians; so to provide Milk for Babes, even the fincere Milk of the Word, that they may grow thereby.

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But above all, it should be the Care and W dom of Superiors, fo to fettle and regulate inferior Schools, that Children may not be poifon'd by bad Principles; an Error in the firft Education, as in the firft Concoction, being very difficult to be cur'd or remov❜d after.

In a word, nothing tends more to the Peace and Profperity of a Kingdom, than the well-training up the Members of it and inftilling good Princi ples betimes into those, upon whom the Welfare and Happiness of it must depends


This is the way to put a stop to the Overflowings of Ungodliness, and to prevent that Deluge of Ime piety that elfe muft unvoidably break in upon us.

In fhort, this may help to retrieve the Antient Piety and Simplicity of our Forefathers; and to mend that in the next Age, which is amifs in this: Which is the hearty Defire and Prayer of a

True Well-wisher to his Church and Country

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of the Duty of God-fathers and God-mothers, together with
the Qualifications of fuch as are to be made choice of for

that Office, from the fame Words.


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