The Mullet: Hairstyle of the Gods

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Bloomsbury, 1999 - 128 pagini
Thus begins this exquisite study of a uniquely magnificent hairstyle. Fearlessly stepping where no 'coiffurists' have stepped before, Mark Larson and Barney Hoskyns present the ultimate guide to the bi-level, two-tier hair that's been rocking the world for three decades. From the Mullet's historical roots to its celebrity 'hi-lites', Hairstyles of the Gods gives you the long and short of an unparalleled cult phenomenon. It's all here- the Mullet mall of fame!! The William of Cyrus shrine!! and so very much more...

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Despre autor (1999)

Mark Larson is an award-winning graphic designer and recovering Iowan. As an art director at CBS in New York, he created album covers for many internationally famous artists. After working as Design Director at Arista, he formed the highly successful Mark Larson Design in Woodstock, N.Y. A former Mullethead himself, he remains a passionate advocate of bi-level coiffure. Barney Hoskyns is the author of several tomes on music and film, and was until recently the U.S. bureau chief of Mojo. His keen eye for follicular trends in the North American heartland has led him on a neverending quest for the perfect Mullet - a quest that led to an auspicious encounter with the aforementioned Larson. He lives in London with his wife and their sons Billy, Ray and Cyrus.

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