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Pagina 32 - But when more than two writs of any kind required to be served in behalf of the same party on the same person might be served at the same time, the marshal shall be entitled to compensation for travel on only two of such writs; and, to save unnecessary expense, it shall be the duty of the clerk to insert the names of as many witnesses in a cause in such subpoena as convenience in serving the same will permit.
Pagina 31 - For serving a writ of possession, partition, execution, or any final process, the same mileage as is allowed for the service of any other writ ; and for making the service, seizing or levying on property, advertising and disposing of the same by sale, set-off, or otherwise according to law receiving and paying over the money, the same fees and poundage as are or shall be allowed for similar services to the sheriffs of the States respectively, in which the service is rendered.
Pagina 111 - Under the authority of the Trading with the Enemy Act, as amended, and Executive Order No. 9095, as amended, and pursuant to law, the Alien Property Custodian hereby issues the following regulation : § 503.20 General Order No.
Pagina 32 - ... debt or claim in admiralty is settled by the parties without a sale of the property, the marshal shall be entitled to a commission of...
Pagina 49 - I know something — the State of New York and the city of New York. And...
Pagina 112 - Commerce, the Administrator of Export Control, and the Coordinator of Commercial and Cultural Relations Between the American Republics, shall from time to time cause to be prepared an appropriate list of (a...
Pagina 67 - PROGRAM I would like to point out to the members of this committee that only recently we had some 33 attorneys working full time and overtime on the loyalty program as requested by the President and that the Attorney General made out a list of organizations deemed to be subversive, and that list was published the other day and contained the names of a number of organizations.
Pagina 32 - For travel, in going only, to serve any process, warrant, attachment, or other writ, including writs of subpoena in civil or criminal cases, six cents a mile, to be computed from the place where the process is returned to the place of service, or, when more than one person is served therewith, to the place of service which is most remote, adding thereto the extra travel which is necessary to serve it on the others.
Pagina 31 - For the keeping of personal property attached on mesne process, such compensation as the court, on petition setting forth the facts under oath, may allow.
Pagina 31 - For transporting criminals convicted of a crime in any district or Territory where there is no penitentiary available for the confinement of convicts of the United States, to a prison in another district or Territory designated by the Attorney-General, the reasonable actual expense of transportation of the criminals, the marshal, and the guards, and the necessary subsistence and hire.

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