The Unquenchable Fire

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Xulon Press, Incorporated, 2007 - 440 pagini
The Unquenchable Fire will restore your faith in the Bible, as well as revealing its intricate structural design and history. Inside you will discover: .Undeniable evidences that verify the Bible is the word of God .Key elements that separate the Bible from every other sacred book .34 prophecies that have been historically fulfilled .The influence of the Bible on science, medicine, literature, music, education, government, and the moral standards of civilization .The incredible indestructibility of the Bible .5 methods of inspiration .7 stages of perceptional development .Language and hidden design of the Bible .The unbelievable precision of the Jewish copying the Old Testament .22 Masoretic rules used to establish the accuracy of copies of the Bible .How the books of the Bible were chosen .Definitive witnesses that determine whether a writing is part of Scripture .5 periods of Old Testament canonization .The falling away of the Church and the effect this had on the Bible .The persecution of Bible believers and the attempt to keep the Bible from God's people during the Dark Ages .History of the English translations of the Bible .The real truth about Textual Criticism and the efforts to undermine faith in the Bible .The King James Bible versus Modern translations .Hidden omissions and additions revealed in later translations of the Bible and where they originated .And much more! Daniel Baer was born in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. A dedicated student of the Bible for more than twenty years, he entered full time pastoral ministry at thirty-five years of age and is currently the pastor of the Gospel Assembly Church in Mansfield, Ohio. He has been married for eleven years and is the father of two daughters.

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