Zones of Protection: Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Administrative Law and Governmental Relations of the Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives, Ninety-seventh Congress, First Session, on H.R. 4468 ... September 17, 1981

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Pagina 25 - ... (A) the President of the United States, the President-elect, the Vice President, the Vice President-elect, the Vice President-designate, or, if there is no Vice President, the officer next in order of succession to the office of the President of the United States...
Pagina 20 - The Secretary of the Treasury is authorized — "(1) to designate by regulations the buildings and grounds which constitute the temporary residences of the President and the temporary offices of the President and his staff, and "(2) to prescribe regulations governing ingress or egress to such buildings and grounds and to posted, cordoned off, or otherwise restricted areas where the President is or will be temporarily visiting.
Pagina 12 - Simple assault, by fine of not more than $300 or imprisonment for not more than three months, or both.
Pagina 25 - Sec. 7. No services, equipment, or facilities may be ordered, purchased, leased, or otherwise procured for the purposes of carrying out the duties of the Secret Service by persons other than officers or, employees of the Federal Government duly authorized by the Director to make such orders, purchases, leases, or procurements. "Sec. 8. No funds may be expended or obligated for the purpose of carrying out the purposes of section 3056 of title 18, United States Code...
Pagina 25 - Act [this note] during the sixmonth period immediately preceding such report by the Secret Service, the Department of Defense, and the Coast Guard, respectively, to the Committees on Appropriations, Committees on the Judiciary, and Committees on Government Operations of the House of Representalives and the Senate, respectively, on March 31 and September 30, of each year.
Pagina 20 - Treasury to establish zones of protection for certain persons protected by the United States Secret Service. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled. That...
Pagina 25 - Sec. 5. (a) All improvements and other items acquired by the Federal Government and used for the purpose of securing any non-Governmental property in the performance of the duties of the Secret Service shall be the property of the United States. "(b) Upon termination of Secret Service protection at...
Pagina 25 - ... succession to the office of the President; and "(2) expenditures made by Executive departments and agencies. in providing assistance at the request of the Secret Service in the performance of its duties, and which will be reimbursed by the Secret Service under section 6 of this Act.
Pagina 25 - Secret Service in its duties directly related to the protection of the President or the Vice President or other officer Immediately next in order of succession to the office of the President.

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