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Saint Mary's Press, 16 sept. 2000 - 64 pagini
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The four books in Prayer Works for Teens offer prayers with themes for every kind of youth ministry setting in which prayer takes place. Each book includes three sets of prayer experiences, and each set consists of four prayer formats: a short prayer, a medium-length reflection prayer, a long ritual prayer, and a family prayer. Every prayer set focuses on a different image or object. Handouts are included for each prayer. An appendix in each volume lists the prayers for all four volumes indexed by Scripture citations and themes, making it easy for youth ministers to match up a prayer with their specific needs.

The family component is a unique aspect of Prayer Works. So often families have no idea what their teenage members do at parish events. However, Prayer Works gives you an easy way to involve parents and siblings in the prayer experienced by the teen, including family handouts and sample letters for families.

Book 2: Images and Themes

  • Leaves: celebrations, hellos and good-byes, vitality and health
  • Nuts: commitment, humility, humor, self-disclosure
  • Four Elements (earth, wind, fire, water): science, images of God, creation, ecology

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Introduction to Prayer Works
Short Prayer
Family Component
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