How We Die

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Vintage, 1997 - 278 pagini

What happens to us as we die? Discover the answers in this exclusive 25th anniversary edition of Sherwin B Nuland's seminal book

With a foreword by Paul Kalanithi, bestselling author of When Breath Becomes Air.

There are many books intended to help people deal with the trauma of bereavement, but few which explore the reality of death itself. Sherwin B. Nuland - with over thirty years' experience as a surgeon - explains in detail the processes which take place in the body and strips away many illusions about death. The result is a unique and compelling book, addressing the one final fact that all of us must confront.

'I don't know of any writer or scientist who has shown us the face of death as clearly, honestly and compassionately as Sherwin Nuland does here' James Gleick, author of Chaos

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LibraryThing Review

Comentariu Utilizator  - asxz - LibraryThing

In When Breath Becomes Air, Paul Kalanithi recommended this book so I sought it out and read it. Taking a tour of heart disease, Alzheimer's, AIDS and cancer, Dr. Nuland presents a dispassionate, yet ... Citiți recenzia completă

LibraryThing Review

Comentariu Utilizator  - knightlight777 - LibraryThing

Not the most pleasant of subjects to address, but sooner or later we will all share the common unpleasant experience. Dr. Nuland takes us through a number of interesting and in some aspects stark ... Citiți recenzia completă

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Despre autor (1997)

Sherwin Nuland was a well-known surgeon in the US - at the top of his profession. He was the author of The Doctors, which explores the ethics of the medical world, How We Die, a bestseller in America and Britain and The Wisdom of the Body.

Dr. Sherwin B. Nuland drew on more than 35 years in medicine and a childhood buffeted by illness in writing How We Die, an award-winning book that sought to dispel the notion of death with dignity and fuelled a national conversation about end-of-life decisions. He died in March 2014 at his home in Hamden, CT.

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