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But thou, Achilles, fear the gods, and think
Of thine own father, and have mercy on me;
For I am much more wretched, and have borne
What never mortal bore, I think, on earth,
To lift unto my mouth the hand of him
Who slew my boys."

He spoke ; and there arose Sharp longing in Achilles for his father; And taking Priam by the hand, he gently Put him away; for both shed tears to think Of other times; the one, most bitter ones For Hector, and with wilful wretchedness Lay right before Achilles ; and the other, For his own father now, and now his friend; And the whole house might hear them as they


But when divine Achilles had refreshed

His soul with tears, and sharp desire had left His heart and limbs, he got up from his throne, And raised the old man by the hand, and took Pity on his grey head and his grey




«Ως εφατουδ' απιθησε διακτορος Αργειφoντης: Aυτικ’ επειθ' υπο ποσσιν εδησατο καλα πεδιλα, Αμβροσια, χρυσεια"

ODYSs. Lib. 5, ν. 43.

He said ; and straight the herald Argicide
Beneath his feet the feathery sandals tied,
Immortal, golden, that his flight could bear
O'er seas and lands, like waftage of the air ;
His rod too, that can close the eyes of men
In balmy sleep, and open them again,

He took, and holding it in hand, went flying ;
Till from Pieria's top the sea descrying,
Down to it sheer he dropp'd, and scoured away" ..
Like the wild gull, that fishing o'er the bay
Flaps on, with pinions dipping in the brine ;
So went on the far sea the shape divine.

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And now arriving at the isle, he spring's
Oblique, and landing with subsided wings, ir
Walks to the cavern 'twixt the tall green

Where dwelt the Goddess with the lovely locks.
He pausid; and there came on him, as he stood,
A smell of citron and of cedar wood,
That threw a perfume all about the isle ;
And she within sat spinning all the while,
And sang a lovely song, that made him hark and


A sylvan nook it was, grown round with trees,

Poplars, and elms, and odorous cypresses,
In which all birds of ample wing, the owl
And hawk, had nests, and broad-tongued water-

The cave in front was spread with a green vine,
Whose dark round bunches almost burst with wine;
And from four springs, running a sprightly race,
Four fountains, clear and crisp, refresh'd the place;
While all about, a meadowy ground was seen,
Of violets mingling with the parsley green:
So that a stranger, though a god were he,
Might well admire it, and stand there to see ;
And so admiring, there stood Mercury.

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