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Sleep took his flight from Atys, hurrying
To his Pasithea's arms on tremulous wing;
And the poor dreamer woke, oppressed with sadness,
To mem'ry woke and to collected madness.-
Struck with it's loss, with what it was, and where,
Back trod the wretched being in despair
To the sea-shore, and stretching forth it's eye
O'er the wide waste of waters and of sky,
Thus to it's country cried with tears of misery :-

My country, oh my country, parent state,
Whom, like a very slave and runagate,
Wretch that I am, I left for wilds like these,
This wilderness of snows and matted trees,
To house with shiv’ring beasts and learn their wants,
A fierce intruder on their sullen haunts,-
Where shall I fancy thee? Where cheat mine eye
With tricking out thy quarter in the sky?

Fain, while my wits a little space are free,
Would my poor eyeballs strain their points on thee!
Am I then torn from home and far away?
Doom'd through these woods to trample, day by day,
Far from my kindred, friends, and native soil,
The mall, the race, and wrestlers bright with oil ?
Ah wretch, bewail, bewail ; and think for this
On all thy past variety of bliss!
I was the charm of life, the social spring,
First in the race, and brightest in the ring :
Warm with the stir of welcome was my home;
And when I rose betimes, my friends would come
Smiling and pressing in officious scores,
Thick as the flow'rs that hang at lovers' doors :-
And shall I then a ministring madman be
To angry gods ?-A howling devotee?
A slave to bear what never senses can,-
Half of myself, sexless,-a sterile man?

And must I feel, with never-varied woes,
Th' o'erhanging winter of these mountain snows?
Skulking through ghastly woods for evermore,
Like the lean stag, or the brute vagrant boar?
Ah me! Ah me! Already I repent ;

e'en now I feel my shame and punish


As thus with rosy lips the wretch grew loud,
Startling the ears of heav'n's imperial crowd,
The Mighty Mistress o'er her lion yoke
Bow'd in her wrath,--and loos'ning as she spoke
The left-hand savage, scatterer of herds,
Rous'd his fell nature with impetuous words :-

Fly, ruffian, fly, indignant and amain,
And scare this being, who resists my reign,
Back to the horror-breathing woods again!

Lash thee, and fly, and shake with sinewy might
Thine ireful hair, and as at dead of night
Fill the wild echoes with rebellowing fright!

Threatning she spoke, and loos'd the vengeance dire,
Who, gath'ring all his rage, and glaring fire,
Starts with a roar, and scours beneath her eyes
Scatt'ring the splinter'd bushes as he flies :
Down by the sea he spies the wretch at last,
And springs precipitous :—the wretch as fast,
Flies raving back into his living grave,
And there for ever dwells, a savage and a slave.

O Goddess ! Mistress! Cybele! dread name!
O mighty Pow'r! O Dindymenian dame!
Far from my home thy visitations be:
Drive others mad, not me:
Drive others into impulse wild and fierce insanity!



O DIVINE Urania's son,
Haunter of Mount Helicon,
Thou that mak’st the virgin go
To the man, for all her no,
Hymen, Hymenæus O;
Slip thy snowy feet in socks
Yellow-tinged, and girt thy locks
With sweet-flowered margerum,
And in saffron veil, O come;

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