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And we inhabit wondrous bowers,

Which though they cannot fade, Have sympathy with the sweet powers

Of those our smiles obeyed; For as on earth ye spread delight, The leaves are thick and flowers grow bright.

Then turn thee to thy wonted will,

Dry thine and others' tears ;
And we will build our palace still,

With tops above the spheres ;
And when thou too art fancied dead,

There, there shall be our bridal bed.

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you resolve, dear Byron, once again To taste the far-eyed freedom of the main, And as the coolness lessens in the breeze, Strike for warm shores that bathe in classic seas, May all that hastens, pleases, and secures, Fair winds and skies, and a swift ship, be yours,

Whose sidelong deck affords, as it cuts on,
An airy slope to lounge and read upon;
And may the sun, cooled only by white clouds,
Make constant shadows of the sails and shrouds;
And may there be sweet, watching moons at night,
Or shows, upon the sea, of curious light;
And morning wake with happy-blushing mouth,
As though her husband still had “ eyes of youth;"
While fancy, just as you discern from far
The coasts of Virgil and of Sannazzar,
May see the Nymphs emerging, here and there,
To tie up at the light their rolling hair.

I see you now,

half eagerness, half ease, ..
Ride o'er the dancing freshness of the seas;
I see you now (with fancy's eyesight too)
Find, with a start, that lovely vision true,

While on a sudden, o'er the horizon's line
Phoebus looks forth with his long glance divine,
At which old Ocean's white and shapely Daughters
Crowd in the golden ferment of the waters,
And halcyons brood, and there's a glistering show
Of harps, midst bosoms and long arms of snow;
And from the breathing sea, in the God's eye,
A gush of voices breaks up to the sky
To hail the laurelled Bard, that goes careering


And who, thus gifted, but must hear and see
Wonders like these, approaching Italy?-
Enchantress Italy,—who born again
In Gothic fires, woke to a sphery strain,
And rose and smiled, får lovelier than before,
Copier of Greece, and Amazon no more,

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