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They said, “I had neither cow nor calf,
Nor drops of drink runs thro' the drawf,
Nor pickles of meal runs thro' the Mill Eye.”
And were ne my heart 's light, I wad dye !

'The Maiden she was baith willy and slye.
She spyed me, as I came o'er the Lee;
And then she ran in, and made sick a din!
Beleive your ain een, an ye trow ne me!

'His bonnet stood ay fu'round on his brow,
His auld ane lookt ay as well as his new :
But now, he lets 't gang any gate it will hing;
And casts himsell down on the corn bing.

'And now, he gaes drooping about the dykes;
And a' he dow do, is to hund the tykes.
The live-lang night he ne'er bows his eye:
And were ne my heart 's light, I wad dye!

' But young for thee as I ha' been,
We shou'd ha' been galloping down in yon Green;
And linking out o'er yon lilly-white Lee:
And, wow gin I were young for thee.'


THE Lass that would know how to manage a man;

Let her listen, and learn it from me! His courage to quail, or his heart to trepan,

As time and occasions agree.

The Girl that has beauty, though small be her wit,

May wheedle the Clown, or the Beau;
The Rake may repel; or may draw in the Cit,

By the use of that pretty word 'No!'

When the powdered toupees, in crowds round her chat,

Each striving his Passion to show;
With Kiss me!' and 'Love me, my Dear!' and

all that;
Let her answer be still, “No! No! No!'

When a dose is contrived to lay virtue asleep,

A present, a treat, or a Ball!
She still must refuse, if her empire she'd keep;

And No!' be her answer to all!

But when Master DAPPERWIT offers his hand,

Her partner in wedlock to go;
A house, and a coach, and a jointure in land;

She 's an idiot, if then she says. No!'

Whene'er she 's attacked by a Youth full of charms,

Whose courtship proclaims him a Man; When pressed to his bosom, and clasped in his arms,

Then, let her say “No,' if she can !


Why are those charms by frowns disgraced,

Too lovely, and too coy!
Since from your lips, with tim'rous haste,

I snatched transporting joy?

Too well I rue the hapless theft!

Too fatal your disdain !
I lost-Ah! no! My life is left,

I feel it by the pain!

Sure, might I taste another such,

So warm with keen desire,
My soul, exulting at the touch,

Would, through my lips, expire !

Then, Julia! take my parting breath

In such another kiss!
Glut your revenge! and let my death

Atone the ravished bliss !

[blocks in formation]

Polly! from me, though now a love-sick Youth, Nay, though a Poet, hear the voice of truth!

Polly! you're not a Beauty; yet you're pretty! So grave, yet gay! so silly, yet so witty! A heart of softness, yet a tongue of satire! You've cruelty; yet, e'en with that, good nature ! Now you are free, and now reserved a while ! Now a forced frown betrays a willing smile! Reproached for absence, yet your sight denied; My tongue you silence, yet my silence chide! How would you praise me! should your Sex defame; Yet, should they praise, grow jealous and exclaim! If I despair, with some kind look you bless; But if I hope, at once all hope suppress! You scorn! yet should my Passion change, or fail ; Too late, you'd whimper out a softer tale ! You love! yet from your Lover's wish retire; Doubt, yet discern! deny, and yet desire !

Such, Polly! are your Sex! Part truth, part fiction; Some thought, much whim, and all a contradiction!



A DECENT mien, an elegance of dress; Words which, at ease, each winning grace express. A life where Love, by Wisdom polished, shines; Where Wisdom's self again, by Love, refines. A mind where Pity, Mirth, and Friendship reign. A nature ever great, and never vain. A wit that no licentious pertness knows; The sense that unassuming Candour shows. A love of Learning, knowledge of mankind, Meekness unservile, and a taste refined. Unwilling censure ; yet a judgement clear. A smile indulgent, and a soul sincere.

If these, esteem and admiration raise ; If where these live, they form a living praise : In one bright view, th’ Accomplished Man we see! These virtues all are thine; and thou art He!

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