The Comic Almanack: An Ephemeris in Jest and Earnest, Containing Merry Tales, Humorous Poetry, Quips, and Oddities

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Pagina 96 - That from the hunter's aim had ta'en a hurt, Did come to languish; and, indeed, my lord, The wretched animal heaved forth such groans, That their discharge did stretch his leathern coat Almost to bursting; and the big round tears Coursed one another down his innocent nose In piteous chase...
Pagina 432 - Puniana: Thoughts Wise and Otherwise. By the Hon. HUGH ROWLEY. Best Book of Riddles and Puns ever formed. With nearly 100 exquisitely Fanciful Drawings. Contains nearly 3000 of the best Riddles, and 10,000 most outrageous Puns, and is one of the most Popular Books ever issued. New Edition, small quarto, uniform with the
Pagina 429 - Anecdotes seem to have poured in upon the author from all quarters. . . Turn where we will through these 370 pleasant pages, something worth reading is sure to meet the eye." — The Standard. Also Published : THE "BEST EDITION" of the above Work, illustrated by Photographic Frontispiece of " Dickens as Captain Bobadil,
Pagina 437 - This edition deserves SPECIAL ATTENTION, from the fact that it is the only correct one that has 'been, printed since the time of Defoe. By the kindness of Mr. Lee a copy of the rare and valuable original, in...

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