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Statement of Continued

O'Leary, John J., chairman, on behalf of the Nassau County Com

mittee of the New York State Conservative Party ---
Oster, Captain G., president, Panama Canal Pilots Association.
Parfitt, Harold R., Governor of the Canal Zone, and president of the
Panama Canal Company -

Prepared statement--
Reurs, John H., chairman, New rk Committee, International Com-

mittee of Passenger Lines.--
Reynolds, James J., president, American Institute of Merchant

Simpkins, Talmage E., codirector, Labor-Management Maritime

Prepared statement..
Steers, Philip L., Jr., financial vice president of the Panama Canal

Company -
Tice, Kenneth N., pricing manager, Domestic Central American

Services, Sea-Land Service, Inc.
Tolan, David J., executive vice president and general manager,

Caribbean/Latin American/Domestic Division, Sea-Land Service,

Veysey, Victor, V., Assistant Secretary of the Army (Civil Works).

Prepared statement..
Wall, Shannon J., president, National Maritime Union.
Webber, Clyde M., national president, American Federation of Govern-

ment Employees, presented by Stephen A. Koczak...
Willenbucher, Franz Otto, Captain, U.S. Navy (Retired).
Wolfsperger, Ellsworth, international relations adviser, Department of

the Army---
Zito, Nicholas J., director of regulatory accounting, Sea-Land Service,

Additional material supplied by-

Court case: Panama Canal Company v. Grace Line, et al.--

Number of transits by U.S.-flag ships.-
Andersen, Arthur, & Co.:

Dating of Arthur Andersen & Co. report.--
Evaluation of accounting policy changes during fiscal year 1973---
Issuance of debt by Canal Company -

Services of Arthur Andersen & Co. for Panama Canal Company-
Bell, S. Morey: Joint minutes of the 107th meeting of the Panamanian

Commissioners with the Department of State relating to the

negotiation of agreements between the two countries, 1936.---Comptroller General:

Report to the Congress--Examination of Financial Statements

fiscal years 1971 and 1970 Panama Canal Company and Canal

Zone Government.
Report to the_Congress-Examination of the financial state-

ments of the Panama Canal Company and Canal Zone Govern

ment for fiscal year 1973.. Drummond, William R.:

Advisers to the Directorate of the communist party---
Alerta Panemeño...
An extract from the political declaration of the Lima Non-Aligned

¿Cuales Son Las Reglas Del Juego?--
Chapter XXII from The Fourth Floor: “What Does It All

Comite Civico Democratico Pro Mejoramients de Panama.-
Declaracion del Presidente Constitucional de la Republica de

Del movimiento de abogados independientes..
Directorate of the Communist Party of Panama..
Empresas que ya se han Adherido Al Paro Nacional Hasta las

11 a.m.

[blocks in formation]

Additional material supplied by~Continued
Drummond, William R. (Con.):

Hechos que nos preocupan.-

474 Information paper.

494 Letters submitted for the record by Mr. Drummond may be found on the following pages.

464, 465, 468, 500, 504 Los Anales legislativos--

476 One hundred truths..

447 One hundred Verdades.

442 Panama to have absolute Canal sovereignty

497 Panamanian Communist Party Report

440 Report of latest Republic of Panama-State Department PreTreaty Action.-

490 Graham, Alfred J.: General comments quoted from questionnaire.

534 Position paper of the Ad Hoc Committee of U.S. Labor Organizations and Civic Councils--

530 Johnson, Eugene A.:

Article from the Panama American of March 19, 1976: "Pana-
manians More Reliable Than U.S. Citizens"

528 Introduction of Ad Hoc Committee.--.

529 "Sickout” Continues: Ship Logjam Climbs to 140.

527 Metcalfe, Hon. Ralph: Resolution of the Subcommittee of the Panama Canal.

536 McElligott, Paul J.: Depreciation of excavations, titles, treaties, etc..

338 Morgan, Col. Milton J.:

English language training for the Panama National Guard ---- 504 Parfitt, Gov. Harold R.:

Changes in estimates of operating results-fiscal year 1976---- 185

177 Employees

177 Fiscal year 1975 operating results.

166 Net tonnage of a vessel.

181 Part 135~Rules for Measurement of Vessels, from the Federal Register, March 31, 1976.

148 Recovery of general corporate overhead costs--

172 Panama Canal Company:

Panama Canal Company and Canal Zone Government outstand

ing accounts receivable Panama Government by calendar year. 99 Supplementary comments of Philip L. Steers, Jr..

324 Sea-Land Service, Inc.:

Review of sensitivity estimates contained in Panama Canal toll
increase: Effect on the U.S. economy--

307 Snyder, Hon. Gene:

Article from the New York Times of September 16, 1975: "Pen-
tagon yielded to Ford on Canal”,

227 News release of February 6, 1974.

410 Steers, Philip L., Jr.:

Excerpts from General Accounting Office report to the Congress- 163 Sullivan, Hon. Leonor K.: Bidlack-Mallarino Treaty.

114 Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty

117 Hay-Pauncefote Treaty-

115 Huil-Alfaro Treaty

126 Moore memorandum..

142 Spooner Act

139 Text of the Panama Declaration of Independence signed November 4, 1903

145 Thomson-Urrutia Treaty

123 Treaty of Mutual Understanding and Cooperation Between the United States of America and the Republic of Panama--.

132 Sullivan, Hon. Leonor K. and Ralph H Metcalfe:

Analysis of the financial position and financial problems of the
canal organization.----

39 Analysis of the impact and equity of proposed rules for the measurement of vessels.-

7 Marginal cost of operating cinal..


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