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: Being an ENTIRE

Athenian Dracle :


Of all the VALUABLE


Old ATHENIAN Mercuries.
Intermix'd with many CASES in Divinity,

History, Philosophy, Mathematicks, Love,
Poetry, never before Published.

To which is added,
An Alphabetical Table for the speedy
finding of

By a Member of the Athenian's SOCIETY.

Vol. III. and last.

L 0 C D 0 N,
Printed, for Andzew Bell, at the Cross-Keys and

Bible, in Cornbil, near Stocks-Market, 1704.

Athenian ORACLE:

VV thenian Oracle thotize such a Practice. We


Vol. III. Queft. Hether the Aü-seems to be Reason as well as

and to . are not Bachelors, they speak go owe the Happiness of Society, obligingly of the Fair Sex ? the Defence of Nations, the

Answ. If they are not Batchel- best Riches of Kingdoms, which ors, they are (or wou'd be conlilts in the multitude of Inthought) Gentlemen, and all habitants ; nay, even the conwho pretend to that Name, as tinuance of the World, which well as all civiliz'd Mankind, without them, cou'd live at have ever treated Women with furtheft, no longer than the that respect and tenderness next Age, to that Sex whom which their Beauty, or at least we are so willing to oblige their Sex, deierve. Nay, we Not are we much concern'd Nay go yet, further, and not at the Censures only affirm that the fiercent possibly meet with for this Nations, and most bar, arouis of piece of Justice, from some Cannibals, have acknowledg’d: Men whole acquaintance ... and practis'd this piece of good. mong that Sex, have perhaps Breeding, but even the Beasts been of such a Character, that themselves teach it us, were they thirik they may be allow'd there any fear of forgetting it, to fáil at all the sex, because as well as many other good some of 'em have given 'ein so Leffons: And indeed were much Reason for't.

we may

Q. A Person having lov'd a of young Ladies, &c. be not Lady some time, and made publick very difingenuous and ridiculous

j Profession ofit, till be found him-and-if so, what sort of Punisoself lov’d again ; after which, rent ought to be inflicted on the finding his Pasion decay, and bis Authors of such impertinent and Efteem wbolly vanish, whether is reflective disingenuity? be not oblig'd by the Laws of A. We have received several Generosity and Fustice, rather to Letters to this Effect, chiefly make known his Change as hand- as we believe (and as some of Somly as becan, than to marry, the Letters suggeft) because we and run the hazard of making have heretofore treated that Fair toth miserable ?

Sex with all the Tenderness and 4. The very supposition ar-Candour we possibly could, and gues great Weaknels, if not Fal- therefore it was supposed that in ihood. If the Gentleman has such a Critical Juncture, our not seen another Lady whom Pen could not be idle in their he loves better, and therefore Defence.

could we ever forlakes his former Mistress; be partial Advocates, we have yet 'tis certain, if he fas, as now the greatest Temptation, the question supposes, for some but we have no need of undue time made a Profession of Love, Methods, to vindicate those he might in that time, before whose vertuous soft tempers can he had engag'd the Ladys Affecti- even smile a Calumny into an ons, have discover'd whether Encomium. there were any thing in her But to the Question, we canPersonor Behaviour cou'd make not but in Juitice return our him cease to Love her: How- Answer in the Affirmative ; and ever, be it real Imperfections in we may venture to make the her, or be it only Fickleness in Autioneers themselves their own him, when things are once re- Judges upon this Dilemma ; eiduced to that pals, that he can ther they had a particular Design

Love no longer, ofrt wo evils he to abuife such and such Ladies, or ::quglit to choose the less, and they had not If the

rather make her only unhappy firit, we have done, and than't for a litrle while, till she for- intrude upon the Magistrates gets or wears it out,than make Prerogative: I'the last, the em both for one (f their Life-lofteit Contruction times lo miferable, as in such make it bear, is, a Writing at a Condition they would certain. random, for any one that had a Ty bę. And if he has not a mind to apply it to themselves; handlomer way to discover and in this Case the Folly is

ch his change to the Lady, but a little more charitable, as let him bur thew her this 'ris more pardonable to fence

Question in our Athenian Oracle, with the Air and Distances, and if she ben't extreamly dull, rather than to stigmatize par'will effectually do it.

ticularPersons with indelibledarQ. Wether the Paupers lately I calms, such perhaps as only can publisb’dy entituled, An Auction be buried in the Abused's Graves


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But if the worst Construction Women prove bad, they are should be put oth' Matter, commonly worse than Men? there's but little Scandal in the A. The Rarity of Examples reflections of such Persons who make them more remarkable : whilft they pretend to set a As for instance, a Cut-Finger is Value upon other Persons For-supposed to be hit oftner than tunes and Qualities, do in the another, because the other ben fame Paper, sell their own beit ing well, no notice is taken Qualities for one Poor Penny. when they are hit: So that I 'Tis a Teaguiso fort of Witticism am willing to conclude the to dispose of what's another Querift in a wrong Supposition ; Bodies, without their consent. but if it be a Truth perhaps the The strife of these three gene- Imperfection of a Womans Narous Auctioneers, does a little ture may soonett yield to a toresemble the Qualities of the tal Cancellation of the Obligalate Iris Regiment in Smithfield tions of Humanity and Natural for such and such a House, Religion. when all the Right they had Q. Within these few days, a was found inAir andFancy.The Swarm of Bees lit upon theCrown difference lies in this, that the and Scepter in Cheapfide, no BoPen had the less Courage of the dy knows from whence they.came: two, which like some little Pray what Construction to you sneaking Town-Beau, that has make of it and whether it may fora stabb'd some Body in the Dark,tend something to come ? sculks invisibly into a Corner. 4. I shou'd be very loth to incur Is't not a pittiful Cowardice the Title of Superstitious, having to Publish to all the World already condemn'd it, or I cou'd what we dare not own to a tell you that Bees were always little part of it?

I esteem'd by the Ancients to be thought none but Silvia's Bully- Hierogylpliioks of Wealth ; and ing Satyrist could be stockt with accordingly, for that Reason, such Abules; but we find more throughout the World at this o'th' breed, who no doubt to time, retain the Epithet of 1.10 keep up their Title, will them- borious. · I might also add, felves bid like like Buyers for that London, the fam'd Metro Number 1, 3, and 4. (See the few plis . of England, has her self cond Paper, entituled, A Conti-aflum'd the CharacteristicalHicnuation of a Catalogue of roglyphick of Wealthviz.ABecLadies, &c.) fit Matches for hive as is to be seen amongit tuch Authors, being known the Ruins that are engravid and recommended by them- round about the Pedestal of the felves. This perhaps with the Monument. I am also inform'u, Hot Services they have alrea- nor long since, there was anody met with by luch Cite ther Swarni of Bees that light (which ’tis fuppos'd has made ed upon'a Sign-poft in Cheap. them rage thus) inay be Puniih-fide,within three Doors of ment enough to reclaim them this: As also, that upon whit from further Auctioneering funday last, an Eagle, the King Q. What's the Reason, wherlof Birds ) lighted upon the



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