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Available in Simulated Leather (Gray/Black). Holman Bible Publishers is pleased to offer its first student Bible featuring the popular Holman Christian Standard Bible(R) translation, combining biblical accuracy with modern readability like never before. A visually driven product for a visually driven culture, The Holman Student Bible enhances the study of God's Word with full-color page designs, explanatory sidebars, engaging study questions, and many other reading helps that are especially relevant to the development of true faith among this new generation. Even the cover artwork was chosen by the 18 to 29 year-old target audience!FEATURES- Four-color photos place you in the variety of geographical settings that provide context for Bible reading and interpretation.- Four-color reconstructions enable you to see what both places and objects found in Scripture looked like. These have been done with careful historical research.- Four-color paintings help you visualize, one of the critical ingredients of reading comprehension.- Four-color maps show relationships and distances between places where biblical events occurred.- Questions connect you with the biblical text and spur you on to ask your own questions of the text. Along with visualizing, this is a vital principle in coming to understand a text.- Quick Commentary provides information that will help you better understand a given passage.- Quotes are topical in nature. These are placed in sections of Scripture where that topic or theme is prominent. These quotes reinforce truths found in Scripture and will be excellent discussion starters in group studies.- Factoids bring helpful background information to support your study of a passage.- Worldview focuses on both biblical perspectives and other perspectives by contrast. This material will provide food for thought and a launching pad for discussions about a biblical passage.- Timelines enable you do see the relationship of both persons and events.- Charts bring together diverse information allowing you to see connections that you otherwise might miss.- "Discovering My Place in God's Service" is a resource for identifying and beginning to use your spiritual gifts.- "Comparison of World Religions" shows how the three major traditions of Christianity, Christian sections, world religions and new religions view Supreme Being, Key Figures in History, the Person of Christ, the Work of Christ, Sources of Authority, Humanity, the Basic Human Problem, Solution to the Basic Human Problem, Ethics, and Life After Death.- "A Traveler's Guide to Reading and Studying the Bible" by George H. Guthrie- "Discipleship Reading Plan" by David K. Stabnow- "LifeVerse" by Lawrence Kimbrough demonstrates the power of God's Word in a person's life. Each of these LifeVerse features shows how a specific Scripture passage made a life-changing difference in someone's life.- Concordance

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Introduction to the Holman Student Bible
Plan of Salvation
Discipleship Reading Plan
Literature Between the Old and New Testaments
Holman CSB Bullet Notes
Discovering My Place in Gods Service
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