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God Eternal.

“ God is unchangeable, eternal,
He was in the beginning of the world;
God is endless and eternal,
He existed in the beginning of the world.
God is truly unchangeable and eternal,
He existed in ancient time, at the beginning of the
God Omnipotent.
“ The Omnipotent is God,

world. The life of God is endless; A succession of worlds does not measure His existence, Two successions of worlds do not measure His exist


God is perfect in every meritorious attribute,
And dies not in succession on succession of worlds."

Him have we not believed.
This Omnipotent one,
We have not believed."

God Omniscient.
“God created men anciently,
He has a perfect knowledge of all things :
God created men at the beginning,
He knows all things to the present time.”

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God Omnipresent. O my children and grandchildren ! the earth is the treading-place of the feet of God, and heaven is the place where He sits. He sees all things, and we are manifest to Him." “God is not far off. He is among us.

He has only separated Himself from us by a single thickness of white. Children ! it is because men are not upright, that they do not see God."

His Countenance shines. “The face of God is said to shine continually like the rays of the sun ; and the wicked dare not look straight at Him."

His Glory enlightens Heaven. “There can be no night in heaven, there can be no darkness; for the rays of God enlighten it continually like the sun."

He cannot look on Iniquity. “On those that use obscene language, or swear, or commit fornication, or drink, or kill, the righteous One in heaven cannot look. Avoid wickedness, for the righteous One in heaven cannot look



He created Heaven and Earth.

The creation of

“God created heaven and earth. heaven and earth was finished.”

The Sun, Moon, and Stars. “He created the sun, He created the moon, He created the stars. The creation of the sun, the moon, and the stars was finished.”


“He created again (creating) man. And of what did he create man? He created man at first from the earth. The creation of man was finished.”


" He created a woman. How did he create a woman? He took a rib out of the man and created again (creating) a woman. The creation of a woman finished.”


Life. “He created again (creating) life. How did He create life? Father God said, In respect to My son and


daughter, I love them : I will give them My great life. He took a little piece of His life, breathed into the nostrils of the two persons, and they came to life, and were real human beings. The creation of man finished.”


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Food, Quadrupeds, and Birds. “He created again (creating) food and drink. He created rice, He created water, He created fire, He created cows, He created elephants, He created birds. The creation of animals was finished.”



"Father God said, My son and daughter, your Father will make and give you a garden. In the garden are seven different kinds of trees, bearing seven different kinds of fruit; among the seven, one tree is not good to

Eat not of its fruit. If you eat, you will become old, you will die.

Eat not. All I have created I give Eat and drink with care. Once in seven days I will visit you. All I have commanded you, observe and do. Forget Me not. Pray to Me every morning and night."

to you.

The Temptation, and Fall. "Afterwards Satan came and said, “Why are you here?' Our Father God put us here,' they replied. • What do you eat here?' Satan inquired. “Our Father God created food and drink for us ; food without end.' Satan said, 'Show me your food.?' And they went, with

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