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(vi) cessary deductions made) that' he pay all the remainder to the endowment of

eight Divinity Lecture Sermons, to be « established for ever in the said Univer


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“ I direct and appoint, that the eight Divinity Lecture Sermons shall be preached

upon either of the following subjects" to confirm and establish the Christian “ Faith, and to confute all heretics and “ schismatics—upon the divine authority “ of the Holy Scriptures-upon the au

thority of the writings of the primitive

Fathers, as to the faith and practice of " the primitive Church-upon the Divi

nity of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ - upon the Divinity of the Holy Ghost - upon the Articles of the Christian Faith, as comprehended in the Apostles' and Nicene Creeds."

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THE Books of Moses constitute a part of divine revelation, against which 'Infidelity has of late years directed her principal attack. They have been studiously represented as little better, than a collection of popular traditions built upon scarcely a stronger foundation, than the legendary tales of classical antiquity. They have been pronounced to resemble the writings of Herodotus, rather than those of Thucydides'; and to approximate in a still higher degree to the poems of Homer. Sometimes their credibility has been even totally denied ; and the whole Volume contemptuously assigned to an age of fabulous uncertainty. At other times the mode of


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attack has been changed; and the hidden sap of treachery adopted, in preference to the open threats of defiance. Difficulties have then been industriously started ; the language of profane ridicule fedulously adopted; and plausible objections urged in the shape of argument, or insinuated under the mask of an affected liberality. Nor are these antichristian efforts confined, in the present generation, to the subtle treatise, or the elaborate disquisition. Every vehicle of knowledge is seized upon : and while the bowels of the earth are ranfacked, to convince the literary world of the erroneousness of the Mofaical chronology ; history and travels, fatire and tra. gedy, nay even romances and novels, are employed to disseminate the poison among other classes of readers. Such are the labours of modern infidelity; and thus, through the medium of Judaism, is a blow aimed at the vitals of Christianity.

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On the other hand, many persons, who firmly believe in the great truths of the


Gospel, and who fully admit the authority of the Pentateuch, feem to fancy, that there is very little connection between them. From this mistaken idea, their whole attention is directed to the New Testament; while the venerable code of the Law is neglected, and almost despised. They appear to imagine, that, as Judaism is now abrogated, they, as Christians, have very little concern with its institutes; and that it is useless to pay any great degree of attention to a volume of obsolete precepts. Thus they virtually, though perhaps not verbally, deny the connection between the Law and the Gospel"; and pronounce one half of Scripture to be nearly devoid of utility.

Impressed with a sense of the danger which results from such opinions, I have : endeavoured in the following pages to take a view of the Mosaical documents, both with regard to their credibility, and with regard to their connection with Christianity.

Their credibility results, partly from external, and partly from internal evidence. A remarkable historical coincidence with profane antiquity constitutes the one ; and various arguments, derived from an attentive survey of the documents themselves, serve to establish the other.

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The consideration of this first part of my subject requires, no doubt, some des gree of caution, in order that the imputation of fancifulness


be avoided. Should the ensuing disquisitions sometimes appear culpable in this respect; let it be always remembered, that, as every coincidence forms a complete and independent argument, so any single one may be safely expunged, without in the least affecting the evidence derived from another. Nevertheless, it is trufted, that, amidst all the obscurity of remote ages, and amidst all the intricacies of Pagan mythology, such vestiges of the truth may still be discovered, as could never have arisen from mere accident. When the whole world,


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