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EXPERIENCE has proved that, in the present constitution of our nature, the human mind, without proper cultivation, is more likely to be productive of noxious weeds, than of those fruits which evince love to God and benevolence to man; hence the Scriptures. enjoin that children should be brought up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord; and the apostle Paul speaks in commendation of Eunice the mother of Timothy, who, it appears, had instilled into his youthful mind, that knowledge which makes "wise unto salvation, through faith which is in Christ Jesus."

The author hopes that those parents or tutors who are thus endeavouring to enlarge the kingdom of the Redeemer among men, may derive some assistance from this little

work. In compiling it, although his primary object has been the instruction of youth, yet his views have not been confined to this class; for, (whatever deficiencies may appear in the following attempt to illustrate the truths of the Gospel,) Christian Redemption is a subject peculiarly interesting to all; because it embraces our most important interests in time, and in eternity. Indeed, whether we consider the unfathomable love wherein it originated, or the height of happiness to which it is designed to raise fallen, degenerate man, it demands of us every sentiment of gratitude, adoration, and praise to an allwise Creator, who is called, and whose nature is, LOVE,

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Sect. 1. God reveals himself to the children of
Abraham, particularly to Moses. §. 2. Of the re-
velation of the divine will to Moses.-Of the Law given
by Moses to the Israelites. §. 3. The Mosaic Law
considered, 1st. As political; its exclusive application
to the Israelites as a nation: 2dly. As ceremonial; which
is typical or figurative of the mediatorial work and
office of the Messiah: 3dly. As moral; this part of the
Law stated as set forth in the ten commandments-
and continues of universal obligation at the present day.
-Of the Christian Sabbath.-Of the substance of the
Law as expressed by Christ and his apostles.-Of man's
ability to keep the commandments of God. §. 4. Of
the prophets subsequent to Moses.-Moses and the.
prophets foretell the coming of Christ.—Isaiah's descrip-
tion of the person and mediatorial office of Christ.
Page 25-44.


Sect. 1. The prophecies concerning Christ fulfilled.
He assumes human nature, becomes our Atonement or
Mediator-triumphs over sin by offering up his life as
a sacrifice for sin, and by his subsequent resurrection-
All men partake of the benefit of Christ's death. §.2.

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