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Honey Market.

CHICAGO.-The holidays are as usual not favorable to the sale of honey, and we therefore quote the market dull with prices unchanged from last quotations. Fancy comb honey brings 14, but quality as well as appearance is necessary. No. 1 sells at 124@13; off grades difficult to move at 1@3 less. Extracted choice white, 7@742; amber, 6@7, with off grades about 54. Beeswax, 30.

R. A. BURNETT & Co.,
Dec. 20.

199 South Water St., Chicago, Ill.

GRADING-RULES, FANOY.-All sections to be well filled, combs straight, firm. ly attached to all four sides, the combs unsoiled by travel. stain or otherwise, all the oelle sealed except an occasional cell, the outside surface of the wood well scraped of propolis.

A No.1.-All sper ong well filled except the row of cells next to the wood : combs straight ; one-eighth part of comb surface soiled, or the entire surface slightly soiled; the out. side of the wood well scraped of propolis.

No. 1.-All sections well filled except the row of cells next to the wood : combs comparatively even ; one-eighth part of comb surface soiled, or the entire surface slightly soiled.

No. 2.- Three-fourths of the total surface must be flled and sealed.

No. 8.- Must weigh at least half as much as a full-weight section.

In addition to this the honey is to be classified according to color, using the terms white, amber, and dark; that is there will be "Fancy White," "No. 1 Dark," etc.

CINCINNATI.-Comb honey is now coming in more freely, and prices if any thing have moderated a little. The sales made and prices obtained were: No. 1 fancy water white, 12420 1342; single cases, 14. Extracted is sold as follows: White clover, in barrels, 642; in cans, 742 and 8; amber, in barrels, 544@542; in cans, 606%. Beeswax, 27.

Dec. 19.

2146-8 Central Ave., Cincinnati, O.

KANSAS CITY.-The market on honey is very slow, and prices inclined to be weak. White comb sells at $2.25 per case; amber and other grades selling as low as $2.00. Extracted, 5%26%. Beeswax, 30c per lb.

C. C. CLEMONS & Co.,
Dec. 19.

Kansas City, Mo.

PHILADELPHIA.- As usual around the holidays, there is not much call for either comb or extracted honey. Prices remain about the same as the last quotations. Some odd lots having arriyed in the market in the last ten days has weakened the price of lower grades. We quote fancy white, 15@16; No. 1, 13@14; amber, 11@12. Extracted, white, 7@8; amber, 6@7. Beeswax, 26. We are producers of honey and do not handle on commission.

WM. A. SELSER, Dec. 26.

10 Vine St., Philadelphia, Pa.

BUFFALO.- Honey has not sold as well as it ought to for this time of the year. Prices remain steady, and stocks not heavy. Fancy white comb, 14@15; A No. 1 white comb, 13@14; No. 1 white comb, 124@13; No, 2 white comb, 11@12; No. 3 white comb, 10@11. Extracted, white, 7@740; amber, 64@7; dark, 54(06; No. 1 dark comb, 11@12; No. 2 dark comb, 10@11. Beeswax. 30@32.

Dec. 24.

Buffalo, N. Y.

ST. LOUIS.-Since our last no change occurred in the honey trade. The demand is very slow for comb as well as extracted. We quote as follows: Fancy white comb honey, 134@14; A No. 1, 124@13; No. 1, 10@11; broken or leaking honey, 7@9. Choice extracted white clover and Spanish needle in 5-gallon cans, 642@7; dark and Southern honey, in 5-gallon cans, 54226; Southern in barrels, 5@52. Beeswax, prime, 284, per lb.

R. HARTMANN & Co., Dec. 19.

14 So. Second St., St. Louis, Mo.

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CINCINNATI.-The demand for honey at the present time is not good, owing to the approach of the holidays, when too many sweets are found on the market. On the other hand, the trade is well supplied with comb honey, that will require a considerable length of time to be consumed. We are offering extracted white clover in barrels and cans at 64@8. Amber, 534@6%. Fancy comb honey, 1242@14. Beeswax, 29@30.

THE FRED W. MUTH Co., Dec. 19.

51 Walnut St., Cincinnati, O.

TOLEDO.-The demand for comb honey is a little dull, as it usually is at this season of the year, and the prices have weakened a little. We quote fancy white comb at 14; No. 1, 13; with a very little demand for amber. Extracted white clover, in barrels, 64@7; in cans, 74@842. Beeswax, 27 and 28.

Dec. 19.

Toledo, Ohio.
LORONTO.-We quote as follows: Extracted, 7@8;
comb, $1.25@$2.00 per dozen. E. GRAINGER & Co.,
Dec. 22.

Toronto, Can.

BOSTON.-During the holiday season the honey demand has been practically at a standstill. Stocks seem to accumulate rather than to diminish. While prices are practically as per our last, yet, on the whole, the tendency seems to be to a lower level. Our market today is practically as follows: Fancy white, 16; A No. 1, 15; No. 1, 14; with practically no demand for No. 2. tracted, from 6 to 8, according to quality.

BLAKE, SCOTT & LEE, Dec. 2?. 31-33 Commercial St., Boston, Mass.


DETROIT.-Demand is light at present for either comb or extracted honey. Fancy comb honey, 13@134%; No. 1, 11@12; dark No. 1, 10; extracted, white clover, 6@642. Beeswax, 25@27.

Dec. 20.

Bell Branch, Mich.

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F. Danzenbaker, Miami,


WANTED-Beeswax. We are paying 250 cash or 28 cents per pound in exchange for supplies for pure av. erage was delivered at Medina, or our branch houses at 144 E. Erie St., Chicago, 44 Vesey St., New York City, and 10 Vine St., Philadelphia. Be sure to send bill of lading when you make the shipment, and adrise us how much you send, net and gross weights. We can not use old comb at any price.

THE A. I. ROOT COMPANY, Medina, Ohio.

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Chas, Israel @ Brothers 486.490 Canal St., New York.

Wholesale Dealers and Commission Merchants in Honey, Beeswax, Maple Sugar and Syrup, etc.

Consignments Solicited. Established 1876.

From 1 to 40 H. P. Also Bone Out. ters, hand and power, for the poul. tryinen; Farm Feed Mills, Gra. ham lonr lland Mills, Grlt and Shell Mills. Send for catalogue, WILSON BROS., Sulo 1 rs.

Easton, Pu.



Poultry Punches,
Account Books,
Business and

Visiting Cards, Etc. For full information write your name and address on a postal card and send it to the



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(Established in 1873.)
Devoted to Bees, Honey, and Home Interests.

Published Semi-monthly by
The A. I. Root Co., Medina, Ohio.
A I. ROOT, Editor of Home and Gardening Dep'ts.
E. R. ROOT, Editor of Apicultural Dep't.

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The National Bee-Keepers'



Objects of The Association.
To promote and protect the interests of its members.
To prevent the adulteration of honcy

Annual Membership, $1.00.
Send dues to the Treasurer,

J. U. HARRIS, Grand Junction, Col , President.
C. P. DADANT, Hamilton, ill, Vice-president.
Geo. W. BRODBECK, Los Angeles, Cal., Secretary.
N. E. FRANCE, Platteville, Wis., Gen. Mgr. and Treas.

Board of Directors:
E. WHITCOMB, Friend, Nebraska.
W. Z. HUTCHINSON, Flint, Michigan.
W. A. SELSER, 10 Vine St., Philadelphia, Pa.
R. C. AIKIN, Loveland, Colorado.
P. H. ELWOOD, Starkville, N. Y.
UDO TOEPPERWEIN, San Antonio, Texas.
G. M. DOOLITTLE, Borodino, NY.
W. F. MARKS, Chapinville, N. Y.
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