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Abbott, Harriet N. On bill (H. R. 5906) granting a pension to
Allcock, Thomas. On bill (H. R. 1188) granting a pension to..
Akin, James M. On bill (H. R. 5384) restoring name of, to pension roll..
Atwill, James W. On bill (S. 1790) for the relief of..
Acknowledgments. On bill (H. R. 4997) to authorize United States com-

missioners to take, of the transfers of the bonds of United States..
American merchant marine. On the bill (S. 2244) to remove certain

burdens on, &c. (Part 2)

Arlington, relating to the National Soldiers' Cemetery at

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Booth, David S. On bill (H. R. 151) for the relief of

Button, Charles W. Ou bill (H. R. 3342) to pay costs to, for advertising

property, &c...

Bayard, Susan. On bill (H. R. 5558) granting a pension to.
Bellows, Edward. On bill (H. R. 5674) for the relief of..
Bausman, George W. On bill (S. 1546) granting a pension to.
Bowling, John W. On bill (S. 751) for the relief of
Beaumont, Fannie S. On bill (S. 2367) granting a pension to.
Beaumont, Fannie S. On bill(S. 2367). Views of the minority. (Part 2).
Blazer, Joseph H. On bill (S. 2229) for the relief of....
Brawner, Thomas E. On bill (S. 274) granting a pension to.
Bronson, Samuel P. On bill (S. 275) granting a pensiou to
Bonds of United States. On bill (H. R. 4997) to authorize United States

commissioners to take acknowledgments of transfer of .

Bradford, George S.P. On bill (S. 2211) for the relief of.

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Carey, Esther M. On bill (H. R. 2095) granting a pension to....
Conken, Mary A. On bill (H. R. 1581) granting a pension to.
Court of Claims. On bill (S. 299) conferring jurisdiction on
Cook, Daniel M. On bill (S. 471) for the relief of..
Clark, Hart & Co. On bill (S. 523) for the relief of
Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Company. On bill (S. 2203) to extend its

road at Fortress Monroe, Virginia..
Chirouse, E.C. On bill (S. 2287) for the relief of..
Conner, B. B. On bill (S. 1625) for the relief of...
Clark, James T. On bill (S. 1988) granting a pension to.



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