Sea Nile: The Desert, and Nigritia: Travels in Company with Captain Peel, R.N. 1851-1852

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The author, 1853 - 331 pagini

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Pagina 266 - And one went out into the field to gather herbs, and found a wild vine, and gathered thereof wild gourds his lap full, and came and shred them into the pot of pottage : for they knew them not.
Pagina 215 - Civilians ; and, as it is called, "took their opinion," showing to some of them the amount of his nephew's debts, which he had dotted down on the back of a card, and asking what was to be done, and whether such debts were not monstrous, preposterous ? What was to be done ? — There was nothing for it but to pay.
Pagina 18 - Uladaiweh, on the east bank of the Nile at the foot of the cliffs opposite Girgheh.
Pagina 263 - Solo. Direct her, O Sheik, she is the maker of this cap. Coro. (Repeat always the first verse.) Direct her, etc. Solo. The thread is from Bahgiura, and the needle is bought for one para. Coro. Direct her, etc. Nr. 49. Beim Rudern auf der Thalfahrt. Anrfan/e. Sol".
Pagina 275 - Nubian sailors \vhen they come down from Uadi Hälfe to Osuan. The coro repeat always the first verse with the same melody: and the solo also repeats the same melody with diUerent words.
Pagina 271 - Dieser letzte Vers wird wiederholt. Ia tal il bah-ri ia las mär, Be-iunsud-ib kaddahmar. Good morning, 0 good morning, good morning; 0 face of goodness. You who have come safe to the morning, and ride on the horses. Thou who hast cheeks like roses, and art cheering up thyself.
Pagina 258 - Greek! Coro. (Repeat the same words with a different air) Solo. He! Beni Suef is the land of the beloved one. Coro. (Repeat the same words with a different air.) Solo. He, Lisa! Coro. He, Lisa!
Pagina 164 - Do not be afraid; we are not Turks, but will pay you money for everything you bring us.
Pagina 267 - Solo. 0 sons of Damietta, how is your valley ? Our valley is better than yours. Coro. And thy pipe, &c.
Pagina 227 - I asked him what had happened to him, and he said he had nearly died of dysentery at Kartum.

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