Jesus Christ, the Number of His Name: The Amazing Number Code Hidden in the Bible

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Adventures Unlimited Press, 1998 - 197 pagini
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Sir Issac Newton searched more than half a lifetime for the secret code that he suspected was in the original texts the Old and New Testaments. He died without ever finding it. That sacred code now reveals the story of Jesus Christ - His part in the work of creation; His coming as the babe of Bethlehem; and His glorious second coming as the promised King on David's Throne. The exciting message that was encoded into the original text tells the time of His coming and the Earth's Great Millennium! Today we are living in the time that was prophesied. This book takes us on an exciting journey into the secrets of that code and its astounding message!

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the Language of the Universe
Jesus Christ and the Numbers of Creation
Jesus Christ 3168
The Branch
Jesus Christ and the Golden Proportion
Jesus Christ and the Magnificent Math
The Star out of Jacob
Jesus Christ and the Grand Octave
Appendix Jesus Christ and the ELS Code
Appendix 11
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Bonnie Gaunt has written and published more on the Bible's Number Code than any modern author. She has appeared as a guest of Pat Robertson on the 700 Club, as well as on many television documentaries and radio interviews. Her work has received world-wide acclaim.

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