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Statements of the chairman..


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APRIL 15, 1970

Ramey, Hon. James T., Commissioner, U.S. Atomic Energy Commission;

accompanied by Harold Price, Director of Regulation, and Joseph

Hennessey, General Counsel, U.S. Atomic Energy Commission.

Dunn, Maj. Gen. C. H., Deputy Chief of Engineers, Office of the Chief of

Engineers, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.--

JUNE 15, 1970

Kennedy, Hon. Edward, M., a U.S. Senator from the State of


Sargent, Hon. Francis W., Governor of the State of Massachusetts-

Curtis, Hon. Kenneth M., Governor of the State of Maine, accompanied

by Jack Feehan, chairman of the public utilities commission.

Moakley, Hon. John J., Massachusetts State Senate-

Willett, Dr. Edward R., chairman of the State consumers' council, accom-

panied by Dermot Shea, executive secretary, consumers' council...

Ross, Charles R., former member of Federal Power Commission, member of

the International Joint Commission, Hinesburg, Vt.

Tallman, William C., president, Public Service Co. of New Hampshire--

Sahlman, Frank M., Sr., executive vice president, Northeast Public Power

Association, accompanied by Robert G. Taylor.

Taylor, Robert G., R. W. Beck & Associates---

Morgan, Allen H., executive vice president, Massachusetts Audubon


Marshall, Roger, chairman, New England chapter, Sierra Club..

August 3, 1970

Nassikas, Hon. John N., Chairman, Federal Power Commission.

Luce, Charles F., chairman of the board, Consolidated Edison Co. of New

York, Inc.; accompanied by John T. Conway, executive assistant; and

Arthur Hauspurg, vice president of electrical engineeng and systems


Swidler, Joseph C., chairman, New York Public Service. Commission,

accompanied by Harold Colbeth, acting chief, electric division --

Watson, James E., manager of power, Tennessee Valley Authority; accom-

panied by Robert H. Marquis, general counsel; and Fred Chambers,

assistant manager of power in charge of engineering-

SEPTEMBER 16, 1970

Badalieh, John P., executive director, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency-

Engstrom, Rev. Paul, president, Minnesota Environmental Control

Citizens Association..

Zimmerman, Prof. William, representing the Minnesota Committee for

Environmental Information.-

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