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DAVID KER. On the Road to Khiva. Illustrated with Photographs of the

Country and its Inhabitants, and a copy of the Official Map in use during the

Campaign, from the Survey of Captain Leusilin. Post 8vo. “Though it is a graphic and thoughtful sketch, we refer to it, in some degree, for reasons apart from its intrinsic merits.

He (the author) has satisfied us that he was not the impudent impostor he seemed to be ; and though he did not witness the fall of Khiva, he travelled through a great part of Central Asia, and honestly tried to accomplish his task.

His work, we have said, is an able résumé of genuine observation and reflection, which will well repay a reader's attention."Times.

A pleasant book of travels. It is exceedingly smart and clever, full of amusing anecdotes and graphic descriptions.”—Vanity Fair.

HUBERT SMITH. Tent Life with English Gipsies in Norway. With Five

full-page Engravings and Thirty-one smaller Illustrations by Whymper and others, and Map of the Country, showing Routes. Second Edition. Revised and Corrected. 8vo. These notes of a journey were impressions caught on the wayside of travel. They were written by the light of the actual circumstances they describe. They are a true episode in a life.

“ Written in a very lively style, and has throughout a smack of dry humour and satiric reflection which show the writer to be a keen observer of men and things. We hope that many will read it and find in it the same amusement as ourselves." Times.

CAPTAIN JOHN C. WELLS, R.N. Spitzbergen-The Gateway to the Polynia; or, A Voyage

to Spitzbergen, With numerous Illustrations by Whymper and others, and Map.

8vo. New and cheaper edition. Price 6s. This narrative of Arctic Expedition, by one who actually took part in it, is precided by a long introductory chapter, containing a concise history of Arctic exploration.

Straightforward and clear in style, securing our confidence by its unaffected simplicity and good sense."- Saturday Review.

" A charming book, remarkably well written and well illustrated."-Standard.

“Not only a lively narrative, well illustrated, of an Arctic voyage, it is also a very complete manual of Polar exploration."--Guardian.


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