Human Rights of Women: National and International Perspectives

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Rebecca J. Cook
University of Pennsylvania Press, 1994 - 634 pagini
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How can human rights make a difference in the reality of women's lives? The very notion of human rights implies universal application to both women and men; however, the development of international human rights law has been partial and androcentric, privileging a masculine world view. For most women in the world, reality is long work hours in agriculture or the home, with little or no remuneration, while faced with political and legal processes that ignore their contribution to society and accord little recognition of their particular needs. At the same time, it is a mistake to be limited to a monolithic, essentialized view of women that does not take into account the great differences among women in various regions of the world. For that reason, any attempt to address the human rights of women must consider how they can be protected in the context of their own cultures and traditions. In Human Rights of Women, Rebecca J. Cook and the contributors to this volume seek to analyze how international human rights law applies specifically to women in various cultures worldwide, and to develop strategies to promote equitable application of human rights law at the international, regional, and domestic levels. Their essays present a compelling mixture of reports and case studies from various regions in the world, combined with scholarly assessments of various aspects of international law as these rights specifically apply to women. The book addresses multiple and overlapping agendas: international human rights law, feminist studies, family law, political science, third world studies, jurisprudence, and philosophy. Human Rights of Women gives added inspiration and new opportunities to activists,including but not limited to legal practitioners, who seek practical means by which to make the world fairer for women both inside and outside their homes. A volume in the Pennsylvania Studies in Human Rights.

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Womens International Human Rights Law The Way Forward
To Bellow like a Cow Women Ethnicity and the Discourse of Rights
What are Womens International Human Rights?
State Responsibility Goes Private A Feminist Critique of the PublicPrivate Distinction in International Human Rights Law
Intimate Terror Understanding Domestic Violence as Torture
Why Rethinking the Sovereign State is Important for Womens international Human Rights Law
International and Regional Approaches
General Approaches to the Domestic Application of Womens International Human Rights Law
Obstacles to Womens Rights in India
Challenges to the Application of International Womens Human Rights in the Sudan
The Impact of Structural Adjustment Programs on Womens International Human Rights The Example of Ghana
Canadian Approaches to Equality Rights and Gender Equity in the Courts
Guaranteeing Human Rights of Particular Significance to Women
Equality in the Home Womens Rights and Personal Laws in South Asia
Using the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights to Secure Womens Access to Land in Africa

State Responsibility Under International Human Rights Law to Change Religious and Customary Laws
Toward More Effective Enforcement of Womens Human Rights Through the Use of International Human Rights Law and Procedures
State Accountability Under the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women
Toward a More Effective Guarantee of the Enjoyment of Human Rights by Women in the InterAmerican System
Toward a More Effective Guarantee of Womens Rights in the African Human Rights System
African Womens Economic Social and Cultural RightsToward a Relevant Theory and Practice
Domestic Violence as an International Human Rights Issue
The Developing Approaches of the International Commission of Jurists to Womens Human Rights
National Approaches
Reproductive Rights as Human Rights The Colombian Case
The Use of International Human Rights Norms to Combat Violence Against Women
Chart of Ratifications of Selected Human Rights Instruments
Model Communication Form
Organizational Resources
List of Contributors
Table of Cases
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Rebecca J. Cook is Associate Professor (Research) in the Faculty of Law at the University of Toronto.

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