Africa: Report from the Continent : Report of Special Study Missions to Africa, November 14-December 16, 1972, November 10-December 8, 1973, and Report of Special Study Mission to Oslo, Norway, April 7-14, 1973

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1974 - 235 pagini
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Pagina 61 - Our first step, therefore, must be to re-educate ourselves; to regain our former attitude of mind. In our traditional African society we were individuals within a community. We took care of the community, and the community took care of us. We neither needed nor wished to exploit our fellow men.
Pagina 61 - That is to say, a member of society will be entitled to a piece of land on condition that he uses it. Unconditional, or 'freehold', ownership of land (which leads to speculation and parasitism) must be abolished.
Pagina 62 - Every TANU and Government leader must be either a peasant or a worker, and should in no way be associated with the practices of capitalism or feudalism. 2. No TANU or Government leader should hold shares in any company. 3. No TANU or Government leader should hold directorships in any privately owned enterprise.
Pagina 59 - ... criticize it on the grounds that it supports the interests of these groups against the interests of black people in Tanzania. But the truth is that it is not possible to accept socialism without self-reliance, or vice versa; and it is not possible to talk racialism while still claiming to accept the Arusha Declaration. Self-reliance in development is merely an application of something we knew in 1954 — that only Tanzanians are sufficiently interested to develop Tanzania in the interests of...
Pagina 163 - International Conference of Experts for the Support of Victims of Colonialism and Apartheid and calls for its effective implementation.
Pagina 62 - leader" should comprise the following: Members of the TANU National Executive Committee; Ministers, Members of Parliament, Senior Officials of Organizations affiliated to TANU, Senior Officials of Para-Statal...
Pagina 61 - I could take a few square miles of land, call them "mine," and then go off to the moon. All I had to do to gain a living from "my" land was to charge a rent to the people who wanted to use it. If this piece of land was in an urban area I had no need to develop it at all; I could leave it to the fools who were prepared to develop all the other pieces of land surrounding "my" piece, and in doing so automatically to raise the market value of mine.
Pagina 61 - ... without also having the right to some means of maintaining life. But the African's right to land was simply the right to use it; he had no other right to it, nor did it occur to him to try and claim one.
Pagina 58 - For in a Tanzania which is implementing the Arusha Declaration, the purpose of all social, economic and political activity must be man — the citizens, and all the citizens, of this country.
Pagina 163 - the firm intention of the United Nations, in cooperation with the Organization of African Unity, to intensify its efforts to find a solution to the present grave situation in southern Africa.

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