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NOV 1963


The favourable reception accorded to The New Testament and Its Writers in its original form, as one of the series of Guild and Bible-Class Text-books 1 issued by the Christian Life and Work Committee of the Church of Scotland, has encouraged the author to present it in a form more suitable for general readers. While serving other purposes, he believes it may be specially helpful to ministers and other teachers who are using the small edition in their BibleClasses.

The author has to acknowledge the kindness of Mrs. Lewis of Cambridge in favouring him with the photograph of the Syriac Palimpsest recently discovered by her, that is here reproduced; and he would also record his obligations to his friend the Rev. R. S. Kemp, B.D., for his valuable assistance in the revision of the proof-sheets,

It may be well to add that in the Scripture quotations it is the Revised Version that is almost always followed.

September 1893.

1 Edited by the Very Reverend Professor Charteris, D.D., and the writer.

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