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Keep within compass, and you shall be sure To avoid many troubles, which others endure.

A man who gives his children a habit of Industry and Frugality, provides for them better than by giving them a sum of money.

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Spare not, nor spend too much; be this thy care,
Spare but to spend, and only spend to spare.

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NOTHING gives an author so great a pleasure as to find his works respectfully quoted by learned authors. This pleasure I have seldom enjoyed; for though I have been, if I may say it without vanity, an eminent author (of almanacs) annually now a full quarter of a century, my brother authors in the same way, for what reason I know not, have ever been very sparing in their applauses, and no other author has taken the least notice of me; so that did not my writings produce me some solid pudding, the great deficiency of praise would have quite discouraged me.

I concluded at length, that the people were the best judges of my merit, for they buy my works; and besides, in my rambles, where I am not personally known, I have frequently heard one or other of my adages repeated, with, As poor Richard says, at the end of it. this gave me some satisfaction, as it showed not only that my instructions were regarded, but discovered likewise some respect for my authority; and I own, that to encourage the practi of remembering and repeating those wis ences, I have sometimes quoted my*reat gravity.

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