Global Telecommunications: The Technology, Administration and Policies

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Taylor & Francis, 22 dec. 2023 - 212 pagini

Global Telecommunications (1992) clarifies the complex, politically-charged arena of international telecommunications. By understanding both the demands created by dynamic Western countries in the grips of deregulation and the needs of developing nations, readers acquire an appreciation for the challenges facing global telecommunications users, developers and policymakers. This book stresses the growing need for sophisticated management of satellite and communication resources. The emerging global information society is propelled by technological innovations, and these developments are shaping the way the world’s population receives information.

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Telecommunications Technology
Administration of Global Telecommunications
Satellite Organizations
Competition in International Satellite Offerings
Development and Policy Issues
Standards and Global Telecommunications
Arrangements and Regulation
Telecommunications Aspects of European Communities Plan for Integration
Direct Broadcast Satellites

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Raymond Akwule

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