United States Congressional Serial Set, Ediția 11661

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1953

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Relief of Ronald L Shields 537 Relief of Lina A A Hoyer 538 Relief of Alfonso Albano
Relief of Agostino Giusto
Relief of Karin R Grubb 541 Relief of Zoltan Weingarten
Relief of Irene F M Boyle
Relief of Tien Koo Chen also known as Chen Tien Koo who stated his correct name is Cheng
Relief of Ida Baghdassarian
Relief of Johanna C Willemsen
Relief of Monika Klein
Relief of Pia Biondi 551 Relief of Robert J Rickards Conception S Rickards and Walter J Rickards 552 Relief of Betty Robertson and Irene Robertson
Relief of Harue Fukushi
Relief of Hannelore M Fulbright 555 Relief of Mary F Marconi and others 556 Relief of Isak Benmuvhar
Relief of Liane Lieu and her son Peter Lieu 558 Relief of Paul M H Chung 559 Relief of Clemintina Ferrara and others 560 Relief of Sam Rosenblat
Relief of Lee Kwang Nong George C Roeder 562 Relief of certain members of Missionary Sisters of Sacred Heart 563 Relief of Constance B Scheffer...
Relief of Julia Gamroth
Relief of Marie Weir 567 Relief of Evdoxia J Kitsos
Relief of Alice Power and Ruby Power
Relief of Mildred G Kates and Ronald Kates 571 Relief of Anneliese Schillings
Mandatory installation of railroadcommunications safety systems 573 Authorizing California to collect tolls for use of certain highway crossings acro...
Permitting acceptance of uninvited contributions for maintenance of Gorgas Memorial Laboratory
Amending Food drug and cosmetic act in order to identify aureomycin by its chemical name chlortetracycline
Extension of excess profits tax 577 Providing for study and investigation of public transportation in District of Columbia
Amending mineral leasing laws in case of pipelines through public domain 579 Disposal of rubber plants
Members of the Greek Shipping Cooperation Committee of London
Consideration of plant employees
Washington metropolitan area transit act 582 Appropriations for Small Defense Plants Administration July 1953
Quitclaiming to Central Pacific Railroad interest to lands in Placer County Calif
Issuance of patent in fee to Tom Gwin 588 Amending Color of title
Amending Alaska game
Termination of Federal supervision over Menominee Indians of Wisconsin 591 Providing for National Trust for Historic Preservation 592 Automatic...
Clarifying status of mining claims on oil lands etc 594 Amending Budget and accounting act of 1921 by providing annuities for retired comptrollers ...
Creating commission to be known as Corregidor Bataan Memorial Com mission
Bridge across St Marys River near Sault Ste Marie Mich 598 Revision of U N charter
Farm credit act of 1953
Sectional analysis of the bill
Changes in existing
Defense Department appropriation bill 1954
Amending Atomic energy
Establishment of Small Business Administration and liquidation of Recon
Changes in existing
struction Finance Corporation
Control of trade with Soviet bloc
S Repts 831 vol 328
Extending powers of Niagara Falls Bridge Commission 608 Increasing subsistence and travel expenses allowed to judges
Creation of Commission on Judicial and Congressional Salaries
Repeal of tax on admissions to motion pictures
Public buildings purchase contract act of 1953 and Post Office Department property act of 1953
Extending time for filing claims under Trading with the enemy act 616 Debt claims under Trading with the enemy
Payment of certain war claims
Authorizing Secretary of Army to receive for instruction at Military Acad emy 2 citizens of Thailand
Authorizing District of Columbia to enter into interstate civil defense com pacts
Resolution to seek durable peace 621 War contract hardship claims
Making provisions of U S Code rel to injury to communication systems applicable to Canal Zone
Residence of bankruptcy referees for District of Columbia
Military personnel claims act of 1945
Relief of legal guardian of Susan K Burkhalter a minor 628 District of Columbia appropriation bill 1954
Emergency migration act of 1953
Proceedings against Harvey OConnor for contempt of Senate
Authorizing use of agricultural products for emergency famine relief 632 Customs simplification act of 1953
Unemployment insurance coverage for seamen employed on certain vessels operated by United States
Threeyear presumption of service connection for all types of tuberculosis 635 Free entry of articles imported for exhibition at Washington State 3d I...
Oneyear extension of suspension of duties on metal scrap
Continuance of Veterans Administration office in Republic of the Philip pines
Relief of Fred P Hines
Liquidation of Puerto Rico Reconstruction Administration
Repealing obsolete Redcedar shingle statistics
Amending Merchant marine act 1936 to provide national defense reserve of tankers
Agricultural trade development act of 1953
Extending Renegotiation act of 1951
Compensation to Shoshone and Arapahoe Indians for lands of Riverton project
Mutual security appropriation bill 1954
Additional appropriations for Agriculture Department 1954 for assistance to farmers and stockmen
Relief of Irma Benjamin 648 Relief of Insun
Relief of Josephine M R Fang 650 Relief of Anthony N Goraieb
Relief of Valda Cimermanis
Relief of Hamdi Akar 653 Waterfront investigation New YorkNew Jersey interim report of Inter
state and Foreign Commerce Committee
The New York area waterfront
a case study
The near collusion of employers
The Baltimore gang system 46
Granting status of permanent residence to certain aliens
Relief of Felix S Schorr and Lilly E Schorr 657 Relief of Filolaos Tsolakis and Vassiliki Tsolakis 658 Relief of Horst F W Dittmar and HeinzErik Ditt...
Relief of George P Khouri
Relief of Silva Galjevscek
Relief of Charles H Lin also known as Lin Chao Hsi
Amend Veterans preference act of 1944 with respect to preference accorded in Federal employment
Amending United States Code relating to docket fees
Making retroactive certain provisions of Civil service retirement act as amended
Printing as Senate document compilation on Legislative reorganization act of 1946 as amended
Increasing limit of expenditures by Banking and Currency Committee 684 Relief of Tao Kai Li
Amending International claims settlement act of 1949
Legislativejudiciary appropriation bill 1954
Interior and Insular Affairs Committee to investigate supplies of critical raw materials
Additional expenses of Committee on Foreign Relations
Revision of U N charter
Extend investigations by Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee of interstate and foreign commerce problems
Investigation of public transportation in District of Columbia 694 State taxation of Atomic Energy Commission activities
Authorizing sale of stores at military establishments to civilian employees 696 Amending Chippewa Indians of Wisconsin jurisdictional act so as to in...
Authorizing sale of certain lands to Oklahoma
Conferring jurisdiction on several States over offenses committed within
Authorizing acquisition of nonFederal lands within Big Bend National
Conveyance to Ed Clements of land within Santa Fe National Forest
Granting consent of Congress to compact rel to establishing biState park
Secretary of Interior to convey certain land to Tucson Ariz and accept
Taxation by Wyoming of certain property within Grand Teton National
Amending Federal food drug and cosmetic act so as to provide authority
Permitting charging of tolls on certain highways constructed by Connecticut
Conveyance of lands in Wyoming to Jackson
Admitting Ohio into the Union as of Mar 1 1803
Facilitating management of national park system and miscellaneous areas
Establishing JamestownWilliamsburgYorktown Celebration Commission
Relief of Margaret D Surhan
Authorizing national banking associations to make loans on forest tracts
Reimburse Post Office Department for transmission of official Government
Creating committee to assist in celebration of 200th anniversary of Congress of 1754 held at Albany N
Commemorating 300th anniversary of formation of Westmoreland County
Incorporate Board for Fundamental Education
Relief of Amir H Sepahban 738 Relief of Jean Tokuda
Relief of estate of Margareth Weigand 740 Relief of Guiglio Squillari and family 741 Relief of Hannelore Netz and her 2 children 742 Relief of Char...
Relief of Stefan V Issarescu 745 Relief of Robert A Tyrrell
Relief of Gerolf Lamprecht
Relief of Esther Wagner
Relief of Lieselotte Sommer
Relief of Philip J Sager Koichi Sasaki 750 Relief of Ala Olejcak nee Holubowa 751 Relief of Jon J Williams 752 Relief of Rebecca Godschalk 753 Re...
Relief of Ahmet H K Taskin 757 Relief of Antonio Vocale
Relief of Li Ming or Ming Li
Relief of estate of Frank DeNuzzi and Cecelia M Burns 764 Relief of Jekabs Lenbergs
Relief of Edith Smith
Relief of Dudley A Reekie 767 Relief of Gerda Goerauch
Relief of Harold J Davis 769 Relief of Aiko Ikehara
Relief of Eugene de Thassy
Relief of Lee Lai
Relief of Nicola Lucia and Rocco Fierro
Relief of Rose M G Calicchio 774 Relief of Harry F Cunningham 775 Relief of Cyril C Andersen Patricia A Hill and Thelma A McNeill 776 Relief of...
Relief of Vera H Hamer Vera H Mueller and Sonja M Hamer Sonja M
Relief of Lydia L A Samraney
Relief of Rosa Guglielmo
Relief of Rosa V Schenk 781 Prohibiting transportation of fireworks into States in which sale or use is prohibited
Court of Claims to hear claims of Prisons Bureau employees 783 Relief of Frank B Pindle
Relief of Fumiko S Skovran 786 Relief of Helga G Jordan and her son Ronald Jordan
Relief of estate of India T P Stevenson 788 Relief of Harry C Maull jr 789 Relief of Reno
Amending charter of Girl Scouts of America 791 Northampton Mass tercentennial commemorative coin
Louisiana purchase sesquicentennial commemorative coin
Terminating restrictions rel to purchase and sale of personal property belonging to Indians
Expressing sense of Congress that certain tribes of Indians should be freed from Federal supervision
Relief of Elzbieta G Jarosz 796 Relief of city and county of Denver Colo 797 Relief of Wera Fazio a minor
Relief of David Zorub
Relief of Sachiko Yuda
Relief of William U Maloney 801 Relief of Waltraut B LaMontagne 802 Relief of Gisela Korb nee Unruh
Relief of Josef Ablassmeier
Relief of Nathalie Iliine 805 Relief of Dorothy S Goldschmidt 806 Relief of Antonio Bruno
Relief of Lau Hong Shee 808 Relief of Hidenori Utada
Relief of Edith D Williamson
Relief of Julia S Criswell
811 Relief of Eveline B Bartl Eveline B Hermann 812 Relief of Matthew J Berckman
Relief of Richard H Backus
Relief of Ruth R Fukano 815 Relief of Hiroki Hollopeter
Relief of Yuriko Akimoto
Amending Natural gas
Authorize Coast Guard to accept operate and maintain certain defense housing facility at Cape May N
Amending Merchant ship sales act of 1946
21 Amending Merchant marine act of 1936 to facilitate private financing of new ship construction
Future of irregular airlines
Loan of 2 submarines to Turkey 824 Relief of Paolo Danesi
Relief of Pier L B Stewart 826 Relief of Louise Kaden and Elke B Kaden 827 Relief of Salvatore M Veltri 828 Relief of Irene Andrews
Relief of Hilde K Sforza 830 Relief of George E Ellison 831 Relief of George M Jabour 832 Relief of Stephania Ziegler Sister Benita Anna Hagel Sist...
Problems of independent motionpicture exhibitors
State Department file survey
Summary of testimony 9
List of material withheld from the files of staff corps employees of

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Pagina 11 - CHANGES IN EXISTING LAW In compliance with subsection (4) of rule XXIX of the Standing Rules of the Senate, changes in existing law made by the bill, as reported, are shown as follows (existing law proposed to be omitted is enclosed in black brackets, new matter is printed in italic, existing law in which no change is proposed is shown in roman...
Pagina 7 - Virginia, having considered the same, reports favorably thereon without amendment and recommends that the bill do pass..
Pagina 58 - CHANGES IN EXISTING LAW In compliance with clause 3 of rule XIII of the Rules of the House of Representatives, changes in existing law made by the bill, as reported, are shown as follows (existing law proposed to be omitted is enclosed in black brackets, new matter is printed in italic, existing law in which no change is proposed is shown in roman...
Pagina 43 - CHANGES IN EXISTING LAW MADE RY THE BILL, AS REPORTED In compliance with clause 3 of rule XIII of the Rules of the House of Representatives, changes in existing law made by the bill, as reported, are shown as follows (existing law proposed to be omitted is enclosed in black brackets, new matter is printed in italic...
Pagina 11 - Commission shall prepare rules, standards, and instructions for the installation, inspection, maintenance, and repair of such...

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