What Is Christian Truth for You?

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Xulon Press, 2007 - 348 pagini
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About the Book The author draws from personal life experiences to show how Jesus Christ draws all people into seeking Him. Each time Jesus is successful in getting your attention onto Him and off yourself, He uses the opportunity to plant a seed in your mind to find Him. How many of your seeds have sprouted? You find Jesus by asking questions like, 'Is God real?' and, 'What does God want from me?' When your curiosity is aroused, you will try to gain the wisdom needed to answer those questions. Where will YOU seek YOUR truth? When you find 'Christian Truth', then you find Jesus and His plan. Upon finding Jesus, you can be 'saved' and receive your free 'gift of heaven'. So, ask yourself two questions: 1. What is Christian Truth for you? 2. Will you live that truth when you find it? About the Author This book is another Christian seed to help you find answers. Jim is a native of Ithaca, NY. He is the second oldest in a family of nine children. The family was raised Catholic. So, Jim attended a Catholic grammar school and was an altar boy in his parish. Jim's first real interest in Jesus Christ specifically, came with his ownership of a 'Sacred Heart' statue. After graduating college in NY, Jim moved to Connecticut. There he married and raised his family under the umbrella of Catholic procedures for 30 years. Then, near age 50, Jesus connected personally with Jim. Suddenly Jesus became real and was not a statue anymore. Jesus infiltrated Jim's mind and began a ten year teaching process which led Jim to: know Jesus, become personally saved, and become cognizant of what Jesus wants of His followers. Jim has been newly encouraged, by the Holy Spirit, to share this process of discovering Christ and Christian Truth with others.

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Part OneWhat is Truth for a Christian Individual? Ch 1 Overview of the Christian Universe
Path to Christian Heaven
Recognizing Saved Christians
Jesus Gives Directions to Saved Christians
Converting Jesus Directions Into Action
Christian Pledge of Allegiance?
The Christian Ten Commandments
The Confident Christian Individual
How Could America Become More Christian?
A Less Sinful America?
American Christianity Seen in the World
Part ThreeWhat is Truth for a Christian in the World? Ch 17 What Is Important and Not Important for Christians?
The Greatest Christian in the World
Views of the End Times
Players of the End Times
You Cannot Do Jesus Work for Him

Part TwoWhat is Truth for a Christian in America? Ch 9 Christians in America
American Christians
American Society and Christians
Christian Churches in America
If Christs Church Were in America
Wrapping It Up
Final Comments
Appendix A Quotes from Gospels of MarkLukeJohn
Appendix B Scriptural Path to the Sabbath
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