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Bearers of Passports

JX 4253 115

JANUARY 1, 1948 A3

(Subject to change without notice) Replaces revision of March 1, 1946, entitled Information for Bearers of Passports and

Addenda of February 1, 1947

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SPECIAL NOTE: An American citizen, whether native or naturalized, should read carefully section II regarding the laws of the United States which govern the loss of American nationality. A naturalized citizen should read those parts of sections III or IV which relate to the country of which he was originally a national. Persons born in the United States of alien parents should also read those sections with care, as well as paragraphs 18, 19, and 20 of section I.

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Status of American citizens in certain countries with the governments of which the United States has not concluded naturalization treaties

43 Estonia

44 Finland

44 France

46 Greece

49 Iran

51 Italy

53 Latvia

54 Netherlands

54 Poland

55 Rumania

56 Spain

57 Syria and Lebanon

57 Turkey

62 Union of Soviet Socialist Republics Yugoslavia


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