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H. RES. 328

Recognizing the 25th anniversary of the workers' strikes in Poland in 1980

that led to the establishment of the Solidarity Trade Union.


JUNE 17, 2005 Mr. GALLEGLY (for himself, Mr. DINGELL, Mr. WEXLER, Mr. LIPINSKI, Mr.

KANJORSKI, Mr. ROYCE, Mr. ENGEL, and Mr. FALEOMAVAEGA) submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the Committee on International Relations


Recognizing the 25th anniversary of the workers' strikes

in Poland in 1980 that led to the establishment of the Solidarity Trade Union.

Whereas, although Victory in Europe on May 8, 1945, re

sulted in liberty and democracy in many nations, Poland and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe fell behind the repressive Iron Curtain of the Soviet Union;

Whereas for more than four decades Poland and the nations

of the Soviet Bloc struggled under authoritarian rule;

Whereas in June 1979, Pope John Paul II, the former Car

dinal Karol Wojtyla, returned to his homeland for the first time and exhorted his countrymen to "be not afraid” of the Communist regime;


Whereas in July and August of 1980, Polish workers in the

shipyards of Gdansk and Szczecin went on strike to demand greater political freedom;

Whereas workers' committees, led by electrician Lech Walesa,

coordinated these strikes and ensured that the strikes were peaceful and orderly;

Whereas in August 1980, the Communist government of Po

land yielded to the 21 demands of the striking workers, including the release of all political prisoners, the broadcasting of religious services on television and radio, and the right to establish independent trade unions;

Whereas the Communist government of Poland introduced

martial law in December 1981 in an attempt to block the

growing influence of the Solidarity movement; Whereas the Solidarity Trade Union and its 10,000,000

members became a great social movement committed to promoting fundamental human rights, democracy, and

Polish independence from the Soviet Union; Whereas in February 1989, the Communist government of

Poland agreed to conduct talks with the Solidarity Trade Union that led to elections to the National Assembly in June of that year, in which nearly all open seats were won by candidates supported by the Solidarity Trade Union, and led soon after to the election of Poland's first non-Communist Prime Minister in the post-war era, Mr. Tadeusz Mazowiecki;

Whereas the Solidarity movement ended communism in Po

land without bloodshed, inspiring other nations under Soviet control to do the same and leading to the fall of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989;

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Whereas on November 15, 1989, Lech Walesa gave a historic

speech before a joint meeting of the United States Congress with the opening remarks “We the People ...", which stirred a standing ovation from the Members of

Congress; Whereas on December 9, 1990, Lech Walesa was elected

President of Poland;

Whereas the support of the United States and the Polish

American community was essential to the survival and success of the Solidarity movement; and

Whereas a bond of friendship exists between the United

States and Poland, which is among the strongest allies of the United States, a contributing partner in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), a reliable partner in the Global War on Terrorism, and a key contributor in Iraq and Afghanistan: Now, therefore, be it

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(2) honors the struggle and sacrifice of the citi


zens of Poland who risked their lives to restore de


mocracy to their country and to return Poland to


the democratic community of nations; and


(3) offers Poland as a model for other nations


struggling to emerge from authoritarian rule and es


tablish a flourishing representative government.




H. RES. 333

Supporting the goals and ideals of a National Weekend of Prayer and

Reflection for Darfur, Sudan.


JUNE 20, 2005
Mr. PAYNE (for himself, Mr. TANCREDO, Mr. WEXLER, Mr. WOLF, Mr. LAN-

TOS, Mr. Smith of New Jersey, Mr. RANGEL, Mr. CONYERS, and Ms.
LEE) submitted the following resolution; which was referred to the Com-
mittee on International Relations



Supporting the goals and ideals of a National Weekend of

Prayer and Reflection for Darfur, Sudan.

Whereas, on July 22, 2004, Congress declared that genocide

was taking place in Darfur, Sudan;

Whereas, on September 9, 2004, Secretary of State Colin L.

Powell testified to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations that "genocide has been committed in Darfur”;

Whereas, on September 21, 2004, President George W. Bush

stated to the United Nations General Assembly that “the world is witnessing terrible suffering and horrible crimes in the Darfur region of Sudan, crimes my government has concluded are genocide”;


Whereas Article 1 of the Convention on the Prevention and

Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, done at Paris December 9, 1948, and entered into force January 12, 1951, states that "[t]he Contracting Parties confirm that genocide, whether committed in time of peace or in time of war, is a crime under international law which they undertake to prevent and to punish”;

Whereas fundamental human rights, including the right to

freedom of thought, conscience, and religion, are protected in numerous international agreements and declara

tions; Whereas the United Nations Security Council, in Security

Council Resolution 1591, condemned the "continued violations of the N'djamena Ceasefire Agreement of 8 April 2004 and the Abuja Protocols of 9 November 2004 by all sides in Darfur and the deterioration of the security situation and negative impact this has had on humani

tarian assistance efforts”; Whereas scholars estimate that as many as 400,000 have

died from violence, hunger, and disease since the outbreak of conflict in Darfur began in 2003, and that as

many as 10,000 may be dying each month; Whereas it is estimated that more than 2,000,000 people

have been displaced from their homes and remain in

camps in Darfur and Chad; Whereas religious leaders, genocide survivors, and world lead

ers have expressed grave concern over the continuing atrocities taking place in Darfur; and

Whereas it is appropriate that the people of the United

States, leaders and citizens alike, unite in prayer for the

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