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trembling, even the dregs of the cup of thou shalt no more drink it

my fury; again !"

I would gladly trust that none among us deceive ourselves with the supposition, that meditation merely upon these high and holy things, is of itself sufficient, without an effort on our own parts, to secure the blessings of the Christian covenant. The apostle, in the fulness of his faith, and the rejoicings of his hope, declared, "There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus';" and we also may glory in the same declaration. But whilst we enjoy the consolation of this heavenly truth, let us not forget the condition, namely, that condemnation is only done away to those "who walk not after the flesh, but after the spirit."

In one most important respect, the atonement made by Aaron differs from that made by Christ. The effects of the former were felt by the dying Israelites instantaneously and absolutely, without

1 Isaiah lx. 22.

3 Romans viii. 1.

any conditions required on their part, without any stipulations with regard to the future life of the individual who was benefited. We, on the contrary, must claim our redemption by faith, and apply it by faith, and that faith must work by love, and display itself in righteousness. Theirs was a temporal deliverance from a single though fearful infliction; our's is a deliverance from an enduring, an increasing, and an eternal evil. It is a deliverance from sin-from its dominion, and from its penalties. It is a deliverance which we must seek and claim, and when found, diligently preserve. And if we come to our great Mediator in faith, if we come confessing the " plague of our own hearts'," if we come before him in his public ordinances, if we come before him in private prayer, and in secret humiliation pour out our souls at the throne of mercy, we may feel assured, that "the power of the Lord will be present to heal us "." He will "hear from heaven


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2 St. Luke v. 17.

his dwelling place, and when he heareth forgive'." He will interpose, between us and destruction, the efficacy of his mediation. He will cause to ascend, in grateful incense before the everlasting Father, the sweet smelling savour of his own merits. He will show forth the power of God upon them that believe.

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