Investigation of Panama Canal Matters: Hearings Before the Committee on Interoceanic Canals of the United States Senate in the Matter of the Senate Resolution Adopted January 9, 1906, Providing for an Investigation of Matters Relating to the Panama Canal, Etc.[Jan. 11, 1906-Feb. 12, 1907].

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Pagina 3126 - Cong.) of the Interstate and Foreign Commerce Committee of the House of Representatives of the United States of which the Hon.
Pagina 3185 - ... Company does not seek any financial aid from the Government, it recognizes the national sentiment in favor of acquiring some pecuniary interest in any canal connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Therefore the New Panama Canal Company declares that if, as the result of any such investigation, the Government of the United States adopts the Panama route, the company, if the Government so desires, will reincorporate under the laws of the State of New York (under the laws of which State the...
Pagina 3256 - Government, in the penal sum of dollars lawful money of the United States, for the payment of which sum well and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors, administrators, and successors, jointly and severally, firmly by these presents. THE CONDITION OF THIS OBLIGATION is SUCH, That whereas the principal...
Pagina 3266 - An Act to provide for the construction of a canal connecting the waters of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans...
Pagina 3262 - ... foreign and eight hours for American labor, and also upon continuous work with three shifts a day of eight hours each, and shall formulate a rule by which these estimates may be increased or diminished, according to the time that the work may be carried on upon one or the other of these several bases. 4. If, at any future time, the plans and specifications for the construction of the canal, as submitted to the said Engineering Committee, shall be materially altered in any respect, or if it shall...
Pagina 3266 - That a lock canal he constructed across the Isthmus of Panama connecting the waters of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, of the general type proposed by the minority of the Board of Consulting Engineers created by order of the President...
Pagina 3219 - ... with their conduct is a controlling factor in determining whether a particular order is lawful. Where the situation is such that military efficiency is of supreme importance to the Nation or State, a wide discretion must be allowed not only to those executive officers of Nation and State, such as the President of the United States or the Secretary of War or the Navy, in issuing general orders and regulations not specifically authorized by Acts of Congress, but also to superior and inferior officers...
Pagina 3256 - Virginia in the sum of two thousand dollars, with good and sufficient sureties to be approved by the commission, for the faithful performance of his duties as such secretary. Such secretary shall receive such salary as the commission shall fix, not exceeding eighteen hundred dollars per annum.
Pagina 3198 - Co. to other persons besides those yon addressed to the President of the United States, to the Secretary of State, and to the chairman of the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce of the House'
Pagina 3213 - ... construction, completion, and defense of said canal, harbors, and defenses, by the route finally determined upon under the provisions of this Act. Appropriations therefor shall from time to time be hereafter made, not to exceed in the aggregate the additional sum of one hundred and thirty-five millions of dollars should the Panama route be adopted, or one hundred and eighty millions of dollars should the Nicaragua route be adopted. SEC.

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