The Battle of Sicily: How the Allies Lost Their Chance for Total Victory

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Stackpole Books, 18 iun. 2007 - 368 pagini
The campaign for Sicily from the Axis point of view. Reassesses the German Army's performance. Details about German commanders who have been neglected by historians.

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Chapter Uneasy Allies 9
Chapter The Defenders 21
Chapter Pantelleria the Plan and the Air Battles 41
Chapter The Allies Approach 63
Chapter Counterattack and Retreat 121
Chapter Primosole Bridge 137
Chapter Enter General Hube 169
Chapter The Battles of the Hauptkampflinie 231
Chapter The Allies Close In 259
A Panzer Corps Escapes 283
Epilogue 315
Tables of Equivalent Rank 327
Notes 341
Bibliography 355
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Despre autor (2007)

Samuel W. Mitcham, Jr., is the author of more than twenty books on World War II. He lives in Louisiana. Friedrich von Stauffenberg, who died in 1989, was an expert on German-armored warfare in World War II.

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